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Sunwing Jet diverted: Chaos ensues as ladies chug duty-free alcohol in bathroom

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A Sunwing flight sounds like it had the climax of a comedy movie being filmed in its passenger cabin, but this was no comedy when it included two U.S. fighter jets as escorts. Two women were not acting very lady-like after chugging down a good amount of their duty-free alcohol purchases in the bathroom of the plane. After one too many they were in rare fighting form, according to News Max on Aug. 28.

The women were on a flight from Toronto to Cuba when they slipped into the bathroom and polished off a bit too much of the duty-free alcohol they had purchased. One of the women lit a cigarette, apparently you can’t have cocktails without a cigarette if you are a smoker.

The BBC News reports that the lit cigarette set off the smoke alarm and along with this disturbance, the two spilled out of the bathroom whacking at each other and pulling hair. The drunken brawl ended with a threat against the airline. The threat wasn’t considered credible given their inebriated state, but airline regulations dictate however slight, the threat must be reported.

Norad deployed two fighter jets because of that threat, which is something they do as a precautionary measure to monitor the situation from the air. The plane was rerouted back to Toronto where the drunken buddies were escorted off the plane by authorities as a roaring round of applause from the other passengers supplied the background music!

The two Ontario women were identified as Melana Muzikante, 26, of Vaughan. Lilia Ratmanski, 25, of Whitby. Both women are out on $2,500 bail, but their legal journey is far from over.

That was one night of partying these women will not soon forget as the charges are something that will never go away. They were charged with mischief endangering life, uttering threats and mischief over $5,000. The investigation is still in process as authorities interview the other passengers to piece together just what happened aboard this Sunwing flight.