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Sunwing Jet: Canadian gals, smoking and drinking, force jet down after catfight

Sunwing Jet: Canadian gals, smoking and drinking, force jet down after catfight
Sunwing Jet: Canadian gals, smoking and drinking, force jet down after catfight
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Two drunken women on board a Sunwing Jet from Toronto to Cuba were arrested after the jet was forced to make a U-turn and head back north. Officials say the two women locked themselves in the jet’s bathroom, got trashed on their duty free liquor stash, illegally smoked on the aircraft, and then started an old fashioned, hair pulling catfight.

Writes The Associated Press, via MSN News: “The airline says the flight had left Toronto late Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 when it was disrupted by ‘two unruly female passengers.’ Sunwing vice-president Janine Chapman says the passengers had consumed a ‘significant quantity of their duty-free alcohol purchase in the lavatory’ and ‘made a threat against the aircraft.’”

The women were identified as 25-year-old Lilia Ratmansky and 26-year-old Milana Muzikante, both from Toronto suburbs. The gals were on board Sunwing’s “Champagne Service” flight – meaning that passengers get a glass of the bubbly while boarding.

Notice we said a glass. When the booze ran dry, the ladies dipped into their stockpile, heading to the lav to lush it up. The hard-partiers then started swinging fists and grabbing each other’s hair.

Catfight? As Jerry Seinfeld once candidly explained: “Men think if women are grabbing and clawing at one another, there’s a chance that they may somehow kiss.”

The jet was flying over North Carolina when the incident occurred, and even the military got involved after the girls had their mile-high meltdowns. NORAD scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets and escorted the plane back to Toronto.

Passengers reportedly busted into robust applause when OPP and airport security boarded the plane and removed the women, who each face $5,000 fines. For their trouble, the other passengers received… wait for it… free meal vouchers.

Earlier this week, a United Airlines jet was forced to land after a couple idiot passengers got into a heated spat over a reclining passenger seat. A legroom-challenged flyer used a device called a "Knee Defender" to prevent the woman in front of him from using her seatback option, which touched off a water-throwing fight.

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