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Suntory presents 2014 collection

Surfinia Heavenly Blue: A denim-blue petunia for 2014
Surfinia Heavenly Blue: A denim-blue petunia for 2014
Suntory/Garden Media Group

Suntory will add nine new varieties to its collection in 2014, with new takes on petunias, begonias, mandevillas and more.

· Surfinia Heavenly Blue is one of the bluest trailing petunias available, with a denim-like look. The plant will create a great spilling effect in garden beds and borders.

· Crackling Fire Begonia has an angular shape and textured leaves, and is ideal for baskets and containers. It will be available in two new colors – Red and Yellow.

· Lofos Compact will be available in white and rose – it’s perfect as a quick cover-up for blank garden spaces.

· Temari Candy Stripe verbena features dark pink- and white-streaked petals and will be a garden workhorse – indestructible yet thriving in the hottest conditions. Use it in containers and in beds.

· Sun Parasol mandevillas are available in three new varieties, the largest of which is Giant Red Emperor, with 5-inch bright-red flowers on dark-green glossy leaves; it will climb up to 15 feet. Pretty Deep Red and Pretty Deep Pink features smaller flowers on a glossy-green leaf backdrop. All three can be used in urns, baskets and window boxes on the patio or in the home.

These plants will be available at garden centers and home improvement stores in Spring 2014. Find out more about the collection at

Information in this piece provided by Garden Media Group

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