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Sunshine Theater Music Venue Of Albuquerque

The outside of Sunshine Theater
The outside of Sunshine Theater
From Sunshine Theater's website

At the forefront of the Albuquerque music scene, Sunshine Theater is one of the biggest venues in the city. Almost all of the big bands that come through here play at Sunshine, which gives it tons of credentials. Inside it is very spacious and can fit tons of sweaty metal fans. However, the amount of security covering the place is quite over the top and unnecessary and that isn’t even counting the laundry list of banned items. Anything from lighters to nail files can’t be brought in, and they will take whatever it is away from you. So don’t bother trying to bring anything illegal in; they will find it, and you really won’t get too much of a chance to do it since there are at least five guards inside. Do what you are going to do before you go in, just so to be safe. Other than that, the live music is alright. It is a bit echoey, but that is what comes with a bigger space. Shows happen pretty much every night and there is always a big turnout of metal fans. Be sure to get there early, you will definitely have to wait in line for a while as the line tends to stretch down the block.