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Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue dedicated to saving this ancient, historic breed

One of the many adoptable dogs at Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue
Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue

In early January 2014 a desperate plea went out for a Shar Pei at Miami Dade Animal Services that had some health issues and needed to be rescued ASAP. Sunshine Sate Shar Pei Rescue heard the call for help through a good Samaritan and immediately stepped up to save Neo who was very sick with URI. Neo, saved from an untimely death is currently being vetted by Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue. Once he is healthy enough he will be neutered and hopefully placed in his forever home.

Historically the Chinese Shar Pei, an ancient and unique breed, is thought to have originated in the area around the small village of Tai Li in Kwangtung Province, and has existed for centuries in the southern provinces of China, apparently since the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.). Statues bearing a strong resemblance to the Shar Pei have been discovered and dated to this period. More recently, a Chinese manuscript of the 13th century has been translated and refers to a wrinkled dog with characteristics much like those of the Shar Pei.

Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue also known as SSSPR, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Shar Pei and Shar Pei mixed dogs that have been abandoned, abused, neglected or surrendered. Their primary goal is to place Shar Pei's in the most suitable environment, based on the animal's individual needs. They will not refuse any Shar Pei from rescue, regardless of background, medical condition or age. They also do not believe in long term boarding as that is no life for a dog. Their goal is to get the dogs vetted, healthy and into their foster or permanent homes as soon as possible.

SSSPR is a 100% volunteer driven group comprised of devoted people that believe it is their moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of these animals. They provide a safe haven, veterinary care and eventually a permanent home for all of their dogs.

Besides rescuing Shar Pei's they have been known to rescue what they like to call their Honorary Shar Pei. Dogs in need that are not Pei or Pei Mix, that have come from their rescue partners working in high kill shelters. Due to over population these high kill shelters do not have the resources to provide the elevated veterinary care needed. It is with a spirit of caring and generosity that they support their county friends when called upon.

2013 was a very busy year for SSSPR. with many animals in need. Jax the American Bulldog-Honorary Pei who suffered severe human abuse and could possibly lose her front leg, Bertha the black brushcoat Shar Pei who came to them with severe fungal infection brought on by over-breeding. Matilda, a Peixer (Shar Pei & Boxer) who was high heart worm positive and suffered a series of seizures. One of their most famous rescue boys of 2013 is called Diesel who was doused in gasoline and set on fire. He was confiscated from a dog fighting ring.

The high level of teamwork and supporters enabled them to help these animals that deserve a better life. SSSPR is dedicated to paving the road to a new life for these dogs. One of compassion, proper care and a family to call their own.

The organization is totally dependent on suppporters, volunteers and donations so they can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and place all the wonderful Shar Pei, Shar Pei mixes and Honorary Shar Pei's into loving and caring families.

This year SSSPR is striving to expand their fan base on Facebook, recruit more Volunteers, see more foster applicants and of course add fur ever homes to their extended Family at Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue. They are also working towards their 501c3 and hope to have it in 2014.

Please like Sunshine State Shar Pei Rescue on Facebook Page and visit their website at:

You can find many ways to make a difference through both these of these avenues. And also donate to their fundraiser to benefit a group of puppies that recently came in as well as Neo whose life was saved from a high kill shelter.

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