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Sunshine & O'Neal are back on Biggest Loser

Sunshine and O'Neal of the yellow team, are a father and daughter team from Minneapolis, MN that are currently competing on Biggest Loser. During the first episode of the show they were sent back home along with Cherita and Victoria, who are members of the blue team. Both teams were brought back this week and the team who shows the largest percentage of weight loss gets to come back to the Biggest Loser campus.

The winners were Sunshine and O'Neal who accumulated a total weight loss of 76 pounds, or 11.45% of their body weight while they were away. That's just 6 less pounds than the average loss that current contestants who remained on Biggest Loser campus this season have experienced. That's really great considering they didn't have the help of the trainers Jillian and Bob like all of the other contestants did.

Yellow Team Stats

Sunshine had a starting weight of 275 pounds. She lost 25 pounds after being sent back to Minneapolis and now weighs 250 pounds. 

O'Neal had a starting weight of 389 pounds and lost a total of 51 pounds, bringing his current weight to 338 pounds.

Blue Team Stats

Cherita had a starting weight of 277 and her current weight as of tonight's first weigh-in was 253, giving her a total weight loss of 24 pounds.

Victoria had a starting weight of 358 pounds and lost a total of 39 pounds, bringing her current weight to 319 pounds.

Although the blue team won't be able to compete on the Biggest Loser any longer, they should still be very pleased with their 9.92 weight loss percentage.