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Sunshine, Below Average Temperatures For Monday

Climate report for Sunday
Climate report for Sunday
Scott Derek

Sunday started off dreary and wet, but we covered nicely in the afternoon; after a morning low of 65 at Philadelphia International Airport we had some light rain push eastward around 8am(only amounting to a trace measured at National Park), but then stayed mostly cloudy until around lunchtime. We then had a mixture of sunshine and fair weather cumulus in the afternoon as the frontal boundary pushed southward and despite a northerly wind the high reached 84 just before 4pm. Mind you the average high and low for Mid-August is 85/68 so we weren't too far off from that.

High pressure is  to the north, but a stationary front with a wave of low pressure will try and push northward on Monday

Overnight there will be just a few clouds and lows will range from the upper 50s in the suburbs to the lower 60s in Center City; Monday will feature sunshine and a north to a late-shifting easterly wind as highs will be in the lower 80s. There will be an area of low pressure riding along the frontal boundary to our south, but we'll stay dry; there will just be some high clouds to the north and a mostly cloudy sky in southern areas in the afternoon.

On Tuesday there will be a continued onshore wind so highs will remain five degrees below average(lower 80s) with morning clouds giving way to a mostly sunny day; come Wednesday a short wave across the Great Lakes will be pushing to the east and along with a stationary front to the south there will be an overcast day with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs will be around 80 with an easterly wind and after lows in the upper 60s there will be continued showers and thunderstorms with the short wave slowly pushing to the northeast with highs around 80.

Come Friday that stationary front is still nearby, but high pressure is firmly in control to the north; this will create a northeasterly wind(almost like a backdoor front). Highs will range from the upper 70s to lower 80s leading into the weekend with a mostly cloudy sky and light rain possible(although I omitted it from the 7-day because the rain chances are very minute).

Enjoy the week ahead and remember that you can check out the 7-day forecast(as well as obtain radar and satellite maps) any time at

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