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Sunset photos over Hamilton, Ontario reveal strange anomalies

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When my daughter, Jen Rapiti, posted some beautiful pictures of the sunset in Hamilton, Ontario on May 11, 2014 at about 8:30 p.m., I naturally had to look closer because I was sure I could see something strange in them.

More Photos

Well, I was right. As you will see from the photos in the album here, there are at least two strange objects in the first photo including one that looks like an orb. In a second photo, it appears as if that orb has dropped to near ground level, making it even more intriguing. Yet in that second photo, no objects appear in the sky above the sunset.

Next time you are outside enjoying the day or evening sky, take a few pictures because you never know what might be found in them. My other daughter gave me an FC CE pair of binoculars that also includes a camera. Now that the weather is so nice, I will be out there taking both day and nighttime shots too!

All photos were taken with Jen's cell phone with enhancement by me.