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'Sunset Overdrive' won't be the only Xbox One exclusive for 2014 at E3

Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive
Photo courtesy of Insomniac Games, used with permission

Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter once again Friday and Saturday to discuss plans for Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Along the way he explained why Xbox One exclusive “Quantum Break” won’t be at the big event and how “Sunset Overdrive” won’t be the only exclusive release for the remainder of the year.

“[Sunset Overdrive] isn't the only exclusive in 2014, E3 will show what exclusive games you'll play on [Xbox One] in 2014,” Spencer said on Twitter. With the “Quantum Break” slipping to 2015, this is good news for Xbox One owners.

The current list of Xbox One exclusives for 2014 outside of “Sunset Overdrive” includes the Kinect-centric “Fantasia: Music Evolved” along with smaller digital only titles such as “It Draws A Red Box,” “Shining Empire” and “Totem.” Of course, there’s the unannounced “Halo” title as well that is expected to either be a HD remake of “Halo 2” or a “Master Chief Collection” that includes remakes of all the mainline “Halo” titles through “Halo 4.”

As for “Quantum Break,” Spencer explained that the game wasn’t planned to make an appearance at E3. “Working with [Remedy Games] felt like [Gamescome] was right and like news we’ve locked on a date, feels good.”

The focus for Microsoft at E3 is completely on console games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 though despite recent news of the acquisition of the “Rise of Nations” intellectual property. While Spencer says that Microsoft “needs to up our gaming presence on Windows,” he did hint a little at the details on what to expect from Microsoft’s E3 presentation.

“It's a mix of games from 3rd party pubs, smaller games and exclusive games from 1st party,” he said in response to a fan question. “But you'll judge in just over a week.”

Microsoft’s E3 media conference will start at 12:30 p.m. EST / 9:30 a.m. PST on Monday, June 9. The show will run for app for approximately an hour and a half and will be available to watch on SpikeTV in the US and Canada on TV as well as through your web browser, console or Windows Phone.

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