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'Sunset Overdrive' will reward people who play 'aggressively, even recklessly'

Are you tired of cover-based shooters that force you to be strategic and logical when taking on enemies? Well it sounds like Sunset Overdrive will encourage you to kick your feet back, throw all regard for strategy out the window and play like a complete lunatic. Playing it safe may only get you killed in Sunset Overdrive.

Ready for Sunset?
Ready for Sunset?
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We're ready for Sunset are you?
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We finally had the chance to get our first glimpse at Sunset Overdrive a few weeks back and now we are happy to share what we've known about the game for a while now. In an exclusive interview with Sunset Overdrive Game Director Drew Murray, he talked about the type of play style Sunset Overdrive will reward as well as some of the more intricate aspects of Sunset Overdrive's gameplay.

"Traversal, along with weapons and amps, forms the core of Sunset Overdrive’s gameplay. We think of Sunset Overdrive as the counterpoint to cover-based-shooters, actively rewarding players for playing aggressively, even recklessly. Players will need to use the entire environment to gain an advantage on enemies.

"Grinding, bouncing, vaulting and wall-running must all be used to build up the player’s Style Meter, which increases the effectiveness of the player in combat, as well as activating Amps, our customizable player abilities.

"We built the traversal in Sunset Overdrive to be easy to pick up, but there’s a lot of skill in mastering it, especially in the heat of combat. There are additional traversal abilities you gain access to as you progress deeper into the game, as well as new Amps that alter or add new moves to the player’s traversal," Murray said.

If you are a more timid player, you may want to check the shyness at the door before entering the world of Sunset Overdrive. Being creative and adventurous with how you take on enemies in Sunset Overdrive will be a crucial element to your success and progression. Sunset Overdrive's traversal is going to be absolutely paramount to everything you do in this game.

The video Insomniac released a few weeks ago demonstrated its emphasis on traversal. From what we've heard thus far, Sunset Overdrive looks like it will show off some of the oddest, unique gameplay we've ever seen from a shooter. The Tony Hawk meets a shooter combination could be a total game changer, and it's nice to see a studio really try and shake up not only the way a shooter can be played, but the tone it is presented in as well.

We should finally have Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One later this fall.