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'Sunset Overdrive' weapons are earned through missions and quests

If you've played any of Insomniac's games, then you automatically know of their creative, diverse history of weapons. They bring the heat in their games, but in ways no other developer does. Sunset Overdrive is looking like it will be no different, as players can expect as large of an arsenal as anything we've seen from Insomniac yet.

Permission to use photo given by Microsoft
Excited for Sunset Overdrive?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Three of the many, interesting weapons we've heard about are "The Dude" (Big Lebowski movie fans will understand this) that shoots bowling balls, "Turret Copters" that are model helicopters equipped with guns and then there is the "TNTeddy" that fuses teddy bears and dynamite. In an exclusive interview with Sunset Overdrive Game Director Drew Murray, he talked about weapon expectations and some examples of the guns people can use.

"Insomniac has a long history of great weapons in our games. With Sunset Overdrive, we are bringing a full-fledged arsenal that’s as big as our largest ones in Ratchet & Clank.

"As always, each weapon plays a different strategic role, while also combining spectacle and humor. Some of the weapons you’ll see in Sunset Overdrive include the TNTeddy, which launches a stick of dynamite strapped to a cuddly Teddy bear. Or the Captain Ahab, a harpoon launcher that dishes high amounts of damage to a single target, but more importantly spills Overcharge Delirium XT into the environment, attracting and distracting nearby OD’d. Weapons can all be slotted with various Amps for additional upgrades as well.

"Players will earn weapons by buying them from in-game vendors, or through completion of quests/missions in the campaign or online," Murray said.

Go ahead and put us down for "The Dude," but so long as it comes with a White Russian. This seems to be but a drop of the satire and parody that Insomniac wants to put into Sunset Overdrive, and we welcome that with open arms. The weapons in Sunset Overdrive should be very eclectic and random, just what we'd expect from an Insomniac game.

There are still plenty of more details to find out about Sunset Overdrive, including the total package of weapons, the release date and the type of online experience players will have. E3 2014 should be the site for plenty more footage as well as a potential release date.