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Sunset Overdrive was inspired by I Am Legend and 28 Days Later, says Insomniac

Ready for some Sunset?
Ready for some Sunset?
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What do 28 Days Later, I Am Legend and Burning Man all have in common? The correct answer is Sunset Overdrive. The sunny, colorful, bright open-world game currently under development at Insomniac Games was inspired by many things, but they may be a bit more subtle than you would probably expect.

Sunset Overdrive is looking to launch on the Xbox One later this year, but when you look at the themes we see in a typical end of the world game, this game in particular was created with a much different vision in mind. Sunset Overdrive Creative Director Marcus Smith described the ideas and moments that really inspired him and his idea of what would eventually become Sunset Overdrive.

"We started to get pretty worn-out on the whole, 'dark, depressing, monochromatic, just scrapping by' genre. Still, there was still *something* that attracted us to the idea of an end-times scenario.

"Seeing the character Jim walk around the empty streets of London at the beginning of 28 Days Later, or seeing Charleton Heston cruise around the streets of Los Angeles in the whale of a convertible, even Will Smith hitting golf balls of an aircraft carrier in I Am Legend, there was something clicked about how you could have fun in the end-times.

"We started looking at it less as 'the end' and more like a new beginning. One where the laws and societal rules no longer control our behavior.

"The idea that we wouldn’t have to devolve into Lord of the Flies when society breaks down, but perhaps we could re-build based on more creative philosophies, like Burning Man. That was the spark, the impetus that drove Drew and I to create the basis for Sunset Overdrive," Smith said.

It's a wonder why no one else thought about this contrasting way of viewing an end of the world game before. It's almost obvious, if you are someone that wants to create something new and exciting, that is. Kudos to Insomniac for being one of the developers that is thinking outside the box these days.

Sunset Overdrive is set in the fictional city of Sunset City and will blend fluid traversal with the unique arsenal we have come to expect from a Insomniac title. Sunset Overdrive should be launching sometime later this year only on Xbox One.

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