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Sunset Overdrive, VS The Master Chief Collection

Choices confront gamers all the time. With so many great options on the market and more on the way, the decision about which games and hardware to buy and when often lead to some very interesting debates.

For those looking at purchasing an Xbox One system, the choices are numerous but the motivation behind it can be tricky.

For example let us look at two of the biggest exclusives coming for the console this fall, Sunset Overdrive, and The Master Chief Collection. If you could only afford to purchase one game and the Xbox One then what would be your choice?

Looking at Sunset Overdrive, you have a fun and quirky adventure that allows you to jump, slide, float, and move around the maps as you use all sorts of weapons to take down enemies.

While our attempts at the 8 person multiplay at Comic Con were hampered but numerous power outages and issues, the game was fun in the brief amount of time we played and I think I can safely say that it is a solid exclusive that will bring plenty of action and fun to gamers.

On the other hand, The Master Chief Collection looks to be a massive hit. You have remastered versions of the earlier games, updated multiplay, and maps as well as extras including access to the Halo 5 Beta which alone would be enough for many hardcore fans. At $59.99 the Master Chief Collection is essentially like buying several games at once. Some would say well yes but I already have the games for my Xbox and Xbox 360. The simple response would be yes, but you do not have them in 1080 running at 60flps with enhanced multiplayer and new maps.

In the end it will come down to personal preferences as for my tastes, both games are enticing enough. However if a choice has to be made, then The Master Chief Collection appears to be the big winner.

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