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‘Sunset Overdrive’ release date and new co-op mode detailed for Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive - Xbox One
Sunset Overdrive - Xbox One

Microsoft along with Insomniac Games have announced the official release date for upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. According to a report by Polygon from June 9, Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price took the stage during Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference to share new information on the game, detailing an all-new co-op mode and sharing the game’s release date.

Sunset Overdrive
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission.

Ted Price announced that Sunset Overdrive will rise for the Xbox One on Oct. 28 for the retail asking price of $59.99. Along with announcing the title’s official release date, Price also revealed that Sunset Overdrive will launch with an 8-player cooperative mode called Chaos Mode.

Find a handful of new Sunset Overdrive screens in our media gallery located here.

When playing Chaos Mode, players will join up to cause havoc throughout Sunset City. By voting on a series of missions with a risk-reward mechanic, players must make the decision to increase the difficulty and earn greater rewards. Or accept a team power-up, make things easier, and lose out on rewards. Rewards include in-game cash, crafting recipes, new weapons, and items.

The year is 2027: A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the city’s population into a swarm of deadly mutants. To the common folk, it seems as though the world is coming to an end. For the player, things couldn’t be any better. The city’s open-world design allows players to make it into their playground as you wall-run and grind your way through the cityscape.

Equipped with overpowering weapons, customizable special abilities, and parkour skills, Sunset Overdrive can be played and experienced the way the player chooses.

Players will be able to seamlessly transition between the campaign and online multiplayer virtually instantly. Insomniac plans to support the title with new content at regular intervals following launch. Player feedback will shape the future of Sunset Overdrive, so the game will become what you what it to be based on your advice.

Pre-order Sunset Overdrive from Amazon here.

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