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'Sunset Overdrive' opens wacky viral site, Twitter account with annoying mascot

Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive
Photo courtesy of Insomniac Games, used with permission

Insomniac Games launched a delightfully wacky viral website on Monday for an energy drink in its upcoming Xbox One exclusive shooter, “Sunset Overdrive”. The drink’s mascot, Fizzie, was even its own Twitter account where he decided to troll Xbox figures, the console itself and even Coca-Cola.

The “Sunset Overdrive” viral website is a product page for the energy drink Over Charge Delirium XT. The can’s description says that it utilizes “the power of xtremophiles… to unlock your wasted potential. So get up, down an OverCharge, and become a better you!”

In “Sunset Overdrive”, a catastrophe in the near future has killed or turned most of the city’s population into mutants. It’s believed that Over Charge Delirium XT is the cause of this catastrophe. The combination of 200mg of Sodium, 800mg of caffeine, 87g of sugar and the mystery Xtremophile ingredient probably would have some sort of serious side effect.

The website also promotes some important dates for the game’s energy drink starting with June 9, the date of the E3 convention in Los Angeles. This is followed by July 24 in San Diego, a day before Comic-Con in that city, and then Cologne, Germany on Aug. 13 for Gamescom. The tour dates wrap up in Seattle on Aug. 30, which just so happens to be the start date of PAX Prime.

Some of the characters from “Sunset Overdrive” are also introduced including Fizzco Executive Chet Fisher and Red Caboose Reggie, who is described as “Sunset City’s favorite hobo to ignore.” Locations are revealed too including fast food joint Sex Burger, Agua Mofeta Brewery, Sasquate ‘N Friends Family Fun Center and Café Fizzco.

Finally, Fizzie took Twitter by storm with some decidedly pointed Tweets. Some of these were directed at the likes of Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb with, “Hey, @majornelson! You’d be a Lieutenant Colonel by now if you drank more OverCharge! #ShouldaDrankOverCharge.” There was even a shot at the Xbox One itself – “@Xbox Look! We made the Xbox One even better! You're welcome.”

Microsoft personalities and products weren’t the only ones to suffer from Fizzie’s wrath though. Mega-gaming forum, NeoGAF, was also targeted as well as Coca-Cola.

“Sunset Overdrive” does not yet have a release date for the Xbox One yet. However, it is expected to be released this year.

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