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'Sunset Overdrive' matchmaking is 'a great example' of Xbox One's cloud servers

'Sunset' drops in October.
'Sunset' drops in October.
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Sunset Overdrive is a marquee title setup for launch this October and it will only be available on the Xbox One. Insomniac Games is a studio that has a history of delivering fantastic platform exclusive games, and we do not expect that to change with Sunset Overdrive.

It won't be difficult to match up with other players when it comes to getting into the game's co-op gameplay. Sunset Overdrive Game Director Drew Murray discussed how the Xbox One's cloud servers will help the multiplayer mode, Chaos Squad, in Sunset Overdrive.

"Developing Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One allows us to take advantage of next-generation processing power, which enables the intense, high velocity gameplay and massive open world experience.

"A great example of this is how we used the cloud and dedicated servers for Sunset Overdrive to enable fast, reliable matchmaking for Chaos Squad, our epic eight-player open-world co-op experience, by loading the entire city on the server," Murray said.

Implementing quick matchmaking will be key in keeping players interested in Chaos Squad. The same can be said for how long the transition of going from single player to multiplayer takes. Sunset Overdrive seems to be utilizing the Xbox One in the right way, though.

Sunset Overdrive will be featuring a massive world, not only from a distance standpoint, but also from a vertical perspective. Murray talked about how it's been helpful to have the new technology of the Xbox One, especially given the fact that this is Insomniac's first trip into the open-world genre.

"The brand new hardware for Xbox One has a lot to offer and it’s an exciting time for the industry. We’re doing so many things that we’ve never done as a studio before – our first open-world game, our first character customization system – and it’s exciting to be able to push the technology so hard for our first outing in those realms," Murray said.

Sunset Overdrive will launch on Oct. 28 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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