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Sunset Overdrive has 4 times the dialogue of Resistance 3, voice actors revealed

Excited for Sunset?
Excited for Sunset?
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Sunset Overdrive is one of a thousand games releasing in October of this year, but Insomniac's open-world has our attention more than most. If you haven't been able to tell from the assets the studio has dropped thus far, Sunset Overdrive is not a serious end of the world tale.

The studio is actually trying to make the most fun out of a situation like that as possible. The style and gameplay certainly support the goal and so does its dialogue. You may not think Sunset Overdrive will have a ton of dialogue, but Insomniac Games revealed the game actually has a ton.

"We recorded for [Sunset Overdrive] than we ever have as a studio. Our final line count is a lot. To put it in perspective, it's almost quadruple what Resistance 3 was," Brandon Winfrey, Insomniac Games community manager, said.

Insomniac also confirmed both voice actors for the male and female main characters in Sunset Overdrive. Voicing the male character is Yuri Lowenthal, who previously worked on releases such as Ben Ten and Naruto. Bringing the female character to life is Stephanie Lemelin, who did prior work on projects such as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Young Justice: Legacy.

Sunset Overdrive is said to feature a very, very dense world. Sunset City is more dense in the sense that it's a city, stacked on top of a city, stacked on top of another city. Verticality is a big part of this game and the traversal supports it beautifully.

Sunset Overdrive will be launching in around three months from now. It'll be Insomniac Games' first open-world game and the same goes for Xbox exclusive. If you happen to be a millionaire and still have cash left over at the end of the month, you can get it on Oct. 28. for Xbox One.

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