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Sunset Overdrive director reveals info behind base OD, Herkers, Blowers & Scabs

Excited for some new Sunset?
Excited for some new Sunset?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Enemies in a game can sometimes be hit or miss with the amount of intelligence or difficult that is actually in their AI, but Sunset Overdrive seems to have some interesting tricks to offer. Oh and if you think you're going to run around Sunset City on the ground to take out these enemies, you've got another thing coming.

In Sunset Overdrive, enemies will be nasty, angry and fun to try and kill. Marcus Smith, who is the creative director on Sunset Overdrive, provided with new details about four of the enemies players will face when the game launches on Oct. 28.

"In terms of mutant enemies, we have the base OD, and we call them that because they are Overcharge Delirium drinkers. The only thing they want to do more than kill you is to drink more Overcharge, and when they do drink more Overcharge, they’ll turn into Poppers, which are volatile, explosive, aggressive enemies.

"We have an enemy called the Herker, who has been mutated around the construction digger arm. They can use the arm to deflect bullets, they can charge at you, they can throw hunks of ground and they can throw base OD, who will hop up on their backs.

"We also have Blowers, who mutated around the most annoying thing in the world, known as leaf blowers. They will shoot pus at you. We have human enemies in the game and we call them Scabs. They are disorganized, but they’re the people who will try to kill you for your stuff," Smith said.

As we alluded to earlier, enemies will quickly swarm players who are on the ground fighting. In fact, unless you have some powerful amps equipped and your style meter at three or four, the enemies in Sunset Overdrive are going to kill you fast.

"[When a player is on the ground], they will become quickly overwhelmed," Drew Murray, who is the game director on Sunset Overdrive said. "If you’re playing on the ground in Sunset Overdrive, you’re going to get murdered."

Sunset Overdrive does look to pit players against some very interesting enemies, and it'll be great to eventually get the full picture of how the difficulty of those enemies will vary. There are other enemies in Sunset Overdrive and Insomniac will be revealing them at a later date.

Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive you should not miss and it'll launch on the system this Oct. 28. This will be Insomniac's first new IP, since they created Fuse last year.

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