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'Sunset Overdrive' details how players will traverse, plus weapon wheel revealed

Sunset Overdrive coming soon.
Sunset Overdrive coming soon.
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

Sunset Overdrive has got to be one of the most intriguing games coming to the Xbox One this year. The open-world setting, gorgeous visuals and empowering traversal all add up to a package we can't look away from. There isn't a release date for the game yet, but we have new information specifically on how players will traverse, in addition to news that players will use a weapon wheel to switch from one gat to another.

From the footage we've seen from Sunset Overdrive thus far, gameplay looks to be smooth and dynamic. It's something you can't wrap your mind around until you get your hands on the game yourself. Insomniac Games Community Lead James Stevenson described exactly how players will be able to traverse across Sunset City, as well as specifically what they will need to do in order to traverse with success.

"It isn’t as simple as pressing X though. There is a skill level to dynamic traversal. Most of the time, you’ll notice the grinds are broken up. You’ll need to jump between them and start grinding again. Or if you want to go around the corner of a building while wall-running, you’ll need to tap the X button at the right moment to successfully pull off the cornering move.

"If you want to get a super jump off a car or awning, you’ll need to time your press of the A button perfectly. Furthermore, the higher up you scale in Sunset City, the more skillful at traversal you’ll need to be to stay there," Stevenson said.

Weapons are a crucial factor for any Insomniac game, and Sunset Overdrive will be no exception to that fact when it launches this fall. Stevenson talked about how players will be able to cycle from one weapon to another.

"You’ll rely on an arsenal of weapons as large as our biggest ones in the Ratchet & Clank series to help you in clearing your route. Sunset Overdrive includes an Insomniac staple, the weapon wheel, which allows you to slow the game while you pick which weapon to use.

"To allow you to further customize your play style, each weapon can be equipped with an amp of its own (which will only be active while the style meter is charged up) as well," Stevenson said.

Sunset Overdrive feels like the next viable Xbox One exclusive to launch from Microsoft and we may hear about a release date in the not too distant future. Expect Microsoft to reveal much more at E3 2014 this June.

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