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Hiking in San Diego: Sunset Cliffs

The walking trail is along the top of the cliff.
The walking trail is along the top of the cliff.
Josh McNair

Sunset Cliffs National Park is a 1.5 mile park along the coastline of Point Loma and Ocean Beach. The remarkable cliffs are a perfect place for a scenic walk, at sunset or during the day. There are several small parking lots and street parking near the beach. It is usually easy to find parking unless it is right before sunset in the summer.

The walking path runs along the edge of the cliffs that line the coast. The trail is unpaved and narrow, not recommended for bikes or strollers. Be careful not to walk to close to the edge of the cliffs, especially where there are warning signs posted.

You can get down to the water by walking down some of the flatter cliffs. There are also stairs in a few of the steeper areas. If you walk down to the water, you can stop and look at one of the many tide pools.

The beautiful cliff formations are a great background for pictures. This is a common place for engagement photos. The scenery is romantic, making it an ideal spot for a picnic date. Many of the rock formations are flat, so you can sit down and spread out a blanket.