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Sunset Cliffs ruin will stop short

Sunset Cliffs stripped of soil by poor storm water drainage.
Sunset Cliffs stripped of soil by poor storm water drainage.
City of San Diego

Work stopping soil erosion on Sunset Cliffs will not undergo more delays. The city council, this week, guaranteed the Parks and Recreatiion Department will have the funding to start the project design, and, get the environemntal permits needed to start work on cliff restoration.

The project to begin work restoring the Sunset Cliffs to the original natural condition, and beauty, will cost 1,000,000 dollars in Regional Park Improvement Funds. Man-made improvements to the city's public beach location failed to relieve the locals who enjoy the cliffs from new uncontrolled stormwater runoff over the cliffs.

Parks and Recreation will fix the most serious eroded conditions during this first project made possible by the park improvement funds collected from Mission Bay Park rent. A project drainage study the city finished in 2012 revealed the conditions. Severe soil and coastal bluff erosion left SUnset Cliffs in a worn down condition that makes cliffs protection necessary now.

Restoraion plans have been in the Sunset Cliffs Master Plan. The goal is to "create a park where people can enjoy San DIego's natural coastal environment as it once was."

The planned improvement to the natural beach environment just south of Ocean Beach qualified the project for the Regional Park Improvement funds. Projects that need long range funding get the rent revenue money funding in year stages. Funding for hillside restoration on Sunset Cliffs came in during 2012. The drainage improvement project is a multi-million dollar project that will last several years.

The city council plans on using two more rounds of funding from the Regional Park Improvement Program. The next two years. Construction will be funded the final year.

Program funding gives the Sunset Cliffs community an opportunity to finally count on the cliffs restoration work finally being finished.

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