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Sunset Beach California

Here is a nice break from the desert. Sunset Beach is a small ocean side community with wide sandy beaches and fresh salt air. Perfect place to escape the allergy season in the Phoenix area. The place was established in the 1920’s right after oil was discovered offshore and also in Huntington Beach just up the shoreline. Sunset Beach has since been incorporated into the city of Huntington Beach around 2010. Oil rigs still sit offshore and tankers anchor out there waiting for a load I guess.

Sunset Beach California
Sunset Beach California
will sanders

The southern end of the beach has restrooms, picnic areas, snack bars and life guard towers. It stretches well over a mile and is really wide. This is a popular surf and paddle board area. Wind surfers use the area too. The north part of the beach is fronted with homes and rental units which are protected by a flower covered sand berm. This is a very picturesque place. If you watch closely you will spot whales and dolphins right offshore.

March water temperature might be a bit chilly for us slender folks so bring a wet suit or an insulating fat layer if you plan on surfing or playing in the water. Kids are immune to cold water. They will have a blast romping in the surf.

One word of caution though. There are a few small blobs of crude oil tar scattered around the beach. Don’t step on them. It takes a long time to wear off.

Head west on I-10 to get here. Once you get to Riverside you gotta take a bunch of turns and different roads but if you luck out and find your way here it is well worth the trip.

Will was here in late March 2014.