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Sunscreen Tips for the Fourth of July

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Americans have their traditions, especially when celebrating their country’s birthday. They head outdoors, enjoy the sun at the beach, pool or park before throwing something on the grill. Then they settle down at dusk to watch fireworks.

Have fun, but stay skin safe. That means using sunscreen on all exposed areas. This includes those overlooked spots such as the ears, back of legs and tops of hands and feet.

The first step of a solar defense is purchasing a broad spectrum sunscreen. It should have a SPF of 30 or more and be water resistant. While the person who wears it may not be jumping in and out of the water or participating in water sports, people do sweat in the sun.

And there is no need to be frugal with the sunscreen. For an adult, at least an ounce is the proper amount for one application.

The second step is realizing that applying sunscreen once a day while outdoors is not enough. It needs to be reapplied every couple of hours, especially following a swim.

While makeup containing SPF protection might help a woman look attractive and offer some solar defense, it may not be enough by itself. Before a day of playing in the sun, it is suggested to apply an oil-free, lightweight sunscreen underneath makeup.

Another important tip is being familiar with one’s skin and checking for any irregularities or unusual patterns such as new moles, skin spots or preexisting mole changes.

If any question arises as to a suspicious area, check in with a San Diego plastic surgeon that specializes in skin cancer and its removal.

Here in sunny San Diego, extra care should be taken with skin care safety to avoid premature aging, and above all, skin cancer. Still, more than three million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.

Remember to have fun, but be safe.

Happy 4th of July!