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Sunscreen breakthrough? Skinvisible sunscreen gets FDA approval

FDA goes for Invisicare's technology for sunscreen
FDA goes for Invisicare's technology for sunscreen
Skinvisible Invisicare

It may not be on the market just yet but Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that it's received the green light from the FDA to make certain claims about a new sunscreen delivery system, Invisicare delivery technology. The company manufactures sunscreen formulations in SPF 15, 30 and 50.

According to the company, the new technology makes it possible for sunscreen active ingredients to remain on skin longer, thereby increasing the length of efficacy. Skinvisible SPF Sunscreen formulas with the Invisicare delivery system were granted a patent for their ability to provide eight-hour photostability--the company found a way to ensure the stability of the popular sunscreen ingredient avobenzone for eight hours. Prior to this, avobenzone was more prone to photodegradation, resulting in it being less efficacious over time. When the new Skinvisible sunscreen formulations were tested by an independent laboratory, they maintained an average 31.4 SPF level after 80 minutes of water immersion. As a result, the FDA has cleared them for a "very water resistant" rating.

The Skinvisible SPF Sunscreen formulations with Invisicare technology have a proprietary polymer delivery system that's been proven to hold active ingredients on the skin for longer periods than any other delivery methods. The company's recent release states that "In vivo studies confirm that Invisicare binds to the skin's outer layer-holding ingredients on the skin for four hours or more. Invisicare also forms a protective barrier that helps to maintain skin moisture levels."

Given the FDA approval, Skinvisible SPF sunscreens can now make the following claims:

Broad-Spectrum protection. In order for a sunscreen to be labeled "broad spectrum" it must prove it protects against both UVA and UVB rays by having an SPF of at least 15, and a critical wave length of at least 370 nm. Skinvisible's sunscreen has surpassed both of these criteria, allowing Skinvisible's broad spectrum sunscreen label to also state "prevents sunburn, skin cancer and aging due to the sun".

Water-Resistant for 80 Minutes. The FDA requires that a sunscreen must have the same SPF after being in water or sweating for 40 or 80 minutes in order to make a water-resistant sunscreen claim. Skinvisible sunscreens were tested by an independent laboratory and involved human subjects that applied sunscreen to their arm, followed by the immersion of the arm into a Jacuzzi for 80 minutes (10 minutes in / 10 minutes out).

Unique Patented Technology - Eight-Hour Photostability. The patent that was granted to Skinvisible for successfully stabilizing avobenzone means that the main sunscreen ingredient now provides a minimum of eight hours of photostability.

The company states in its release that it is now seeking exclusive licensees in the US, Canada and globally for its sunscreen formulations.

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