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Sunny days at Smith Point


The nature walk at Smith's Point.  ZF Photography

There are some things that this Family Examiner will repeat, most of them are  free and fun.  One thing that is really great to do with the kids on breaks from school in the spring and fall is to go to Smith Point Park.  Our family just loves the ocean in any season. 

The great thing about Smith Point is before Memorial Day and after Labor Day they do not charge for parking - which was $12.50 last year.  In season, if you get a Suffolk County Green Key Card parking is $5. 

Head to Smith Point on any sunny day.  Once in the the parking lot, go to the west end and walk toward the ranger station.  There are sidewalks the whole way, that will lead to a boardwalk to the ocean.  This section of beach usually has more sand and less people. 

The beach here is part of FINS - Fire Island National Seashore.  On the west side of the ranger station is a nature walk, which is an adventure for your children and you might even see a deer.  If you go toward the Smith's Point Pavilion there is The TWA Flight 800 Memorial.

Once you are done walking around to sit on the beach.  Dress the kids in layers.  It might be chilly, but running around in the sun the kids get hot.  Bring a blanket, a bag of snacks and drinks for hungry kids and some sand toys.  The kids will enjoy running and playing on the ocean, even if it is too cold to jump in.  Since this is the first sunny day of spring break get the kids out and let them play on the ocean.

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