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Sunglasses: proven to make all of us look better

Want a cheap and instant way to look good? Thought so. Then try sunglasses.

Sunglasses, more than a fashion accessory
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Those dark lenses, according to, have now been shown to make us look instantly attractive.

That is the conclusion of UK's Professor Vanessa Brown who wrote on this very topic for her PhD.

According to the publication, Science of US and the Guardian newspaper, Brown ended up writing about the subject when she caught a glimpse of herself in her old clothes, walking into a supermarket.

At the time she was wearing her sunglasses and decided she didn't look half bad. In fact, she described herself as looking "cool."

The reason she looked cool, she says, was that the glasses made the shape of her face and her eyes look symetrical. Any symmetry, she says, makes us look better straight away. The glasses also enhance our bone structure, giving our faces a "chiseled" as opposed to a "soft", look.

An added benefit is that sunglasses give a person an aura of "mystery,"(a hot topic) and since nobody can actually see our eyes, they cannot pass judgement on us or work out what we are thinking, or even how smart we are.

History also plays a part in Brown's conclusions about what a great accessory sunglasses are:

Says, "sunglasses were donned by daring aviators and athletes; in the '50s and '60s, Hollywood stars wore them in hopes of avoiding recognition. We still attribute that glamor to them."

If you want not only to look "cool" to everyone, but to have the outside look cool to you, you might want to consider new sunglasses that go by the name of Tens. "Tens aims to give the world an Instagram-like "filter," Yahoo News reports. "

Be sure to check them out.

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