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Sunflex’s Snakebyte Vyper, Raising the Temperature on Innovation

In form of Sunflex’s Snakebyte Vyper, Temperature on Innovation is Rising

The Entertainment Hub
The Entertainment Hub
Saddle-down and load-it-up, the Vyper is now in Session
Photo from Snakebyte Vyper

One of the growth areas in technology is predicted to include tablets. Indeed, something readily discussed at the CES - June 2013 Research Summit ( The sheer economic potential has attracted a lot of big names. Now enters a company called Sunflex,, with the Snakebyte Vyper (; formerly named the Unu. Here’s a summary stemming from a skype interview, I had with their Vice-President Business Development, Nicki Repenning.

The Vyper may look like a tablet, but its much-much-more. The company defines it as evolutionary, in terms of another step; however, the collective capabilities, from my personal take, may really place it as being revolutionary. There exist all the possibilities one can do with a tablet, and then some, running exclusively on an android platform; one can connect at any time to any smart TV, having hdmi ports; you also get an airmouse (think Wii remote) with a keyboard on back; in addition, the inclusion of a Bluetooth video game controller, turns it into an Android-based game player; making even the average person ready to grab a seat and have fun. Together in travel or at home or simply on the go, the accessibility to apps, gaming products, internet programming, etc., is only limited by other limitations.

As noted, the original name was Unu. Yet, as we know well in these times, in the process of patents and other legal ease, sometimes a re-grouping is necessary; hence, the change to Snakebyte Vyper. This product crosses into three major areas, to say the least; all of which remain important in the world of innovation: mobile devices, gaming, and smart TVs. The Vyper is presented as ideal for family entertainment. The truth of that statement does not dismiss any individualized appeal. In fact, a fair assessment might add: the uniqueness of what is bundled represents the core of things appealable to a growing audience, especially with comfort-ability and favorability to mobile devices.

The Snakebyte Vyper was publicly launched for sale, on January 31, 2014, online initially. It sells for $199 / $249 with the game controller. In the very near term, this year, as retail chains change over their merchandise, the Vyper will be available at,,,, and The Technical Speci­fications are as follows: Android 4.2; Display: 7inch 1280 x 800 IPS; Storage: 8GB Expandable to 72 GB total memory (64GB via MicroSD); Camera: 5.0MP back, 2.0MP front; Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0; Connections: 2 Micro USB, Mini HDMI, Micro SD Card Slot; CPU: RockChip 1.6Ghz quad core chip • GPU: Mali 400 Quad Core; Included Peripherals: Dock (HDMI/charging), air mouse with keyboard, wireless game controller. Note, a message from the VP of Marketing, this is only the beginning, with more to come.

In accordance, I’ve included the links to several reviews of others, about the Vyper:





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