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Sundy Carter: Pretty face, ugly past?

BBWLA3 Sundy Carter
BBWLA3 Sundy Carter

When it comes to Sundy Carter, there is more to her than meets the eye. She’s not just a pretty face, there’s an ugly side to her past and she’s not backing down from it. She may look like a heavenly goddess, but this reality TV villain is no angel. Sundy has a venal, criminal past with a rap sheet that stretches as far back to 1992. She didn't outright admit to her unscrupulous dealings, but she isn't exactly hiding them either. “I don’t hide my past it was just oh so long ago…” she wrote in a recent Twitter post. Per, her criminal charges are retail theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

Sundy Carter may be an open book, but her personal life is turning into front-page news. For starters, everyone is talking about her long-time affair she had with a married man. She has been linked to Larry Hughes, a former shooting guard for the Orlando Magic basketball team. The pair co-parents a seven-year-old daughter. When confronted about her adulterous relationship, she boldly admitted to it. “Yes, I did,” she wrote to a tweeter asking about her affair.

According to social media comments, many are scratching their heads in confusion as to why Sundy is pressing Draya for her scandalous past, but has kept quiet about her own secrets. What’s more, she recently accused Brandi’s husband, Jason Maxiell, of sleeping around with some of her friends and exposed his alleged trysts on social media. Sundy also dug up old bones from Draya’s past as an exotic dancer, claiming to have witnessed this first-hand. “I met Draya as a stripper in Philadelphia. She introduced herself as Miami,” Carter tells Jackie in a previous episode of Basketball Wives LA.

Draya has obviously moved on from her past, but Sundy is making it hard for her to leave it buried. “I've laid a lot of things to rest. I’d like to be appreciated for my growth and not things that I've done that I can’t really change that strangers are bringing up” she tells Arsenio Hall in a recent interview on his late-night talkshow. She had a lot of things to say about Sundy, Brittish and Jackie regarding their fiery feud and their tenuous friendships.

One might ask, why is Sundy throwing rocks and hiding her hands? From the looks of things, there are more secrets to be revealed as the drama continues to unfold. I have reached out to Sundy via Twitter and an exclusive interview may be in the works.