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Sunday 'Shoe' Surprise: The birds of fowl comic discover they can fly!

Bird discovers he can fly in puzzling episode of "Shoe'
Bird discovers he can fly in puzzling episode of "Shoe'

The avian journalists of "Shoe" have long appeared to be as unhealthy as their human counterparts. They sit endlessly at desks, in a local diner or at a bar, resting, eating and drinking away their miserable lives between bouts of reporting and pecking. Now a curious idea might take wing: These fowl might just have some physical acumen after all.

Take a gander at Sunday's edition of "Shoe," in which Cosmo Fishhawk, eager to get to a story, actually starts flapping his wings in earnest. When's the last time this obese creature even tried to slip this earth's grasp? It was just in 2012, after all, that we spotted this feathered scribe taking a plane rather than flying under his own power, a maneuver that likely put his troubled newspaper, the Treetops Tattler Tribune. in dire economic straits.

Have these rotund birds been working out? Dropping excess weight? Or have the ongoing troubles of the newspaper industry forced them to stop hiring planes and cars and other vehicles, thus forcing them to use their natural-born gifts to do their jobs?

The new physical regimen should come as good news to readers. The birds of "Shoe" have seemed so fat and so depressed in recent months that we have long thought the time may be drawing nigh for this comic, to, like a bird, just fly, fly away.