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Sunday sales of alcohol in Indiana

The issue at hand is whether or not Indiana should allow the sale of alcohol on Sunday.  The sale of alcohol on Sunday is currently allowed in restaurants, bars, and clubs, but it is not allowed in liquor stores, markets, or retail stores that sell alcohol.  One of the issues that comes up is driving while intoxicated.  If the law was reversed, for example, if the sale of alcohol was prohibited in restaurants and bars but allowed in liquor stores for people to take home to drink instead of drinking in public and then driving home, the law might make sense.  Instead, if people in Indiana who live within a comfortable driving distance from Illinois wish to purchase alcohol on Sunday to take home to drink, we drive across the state line to purchase it.  It would make sense for Indiana to receive the alcohol tax revenue from Indiana residents instead of giving that tax revenue to any other state.

Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is pushing an online petition in support of ending this prohibition. So far, according to the group's Web site, more than 20,000 Hoosiers have electronically signed the petition.

In order for the Indiana Legislature to consider the true merits of the issue, it should consider the driving while intoxicated issue as well as the additional revenue lifting the ban would bring.  In considering the DWI issue it is imperative to understand where the people come from before being pulled over.  Are they coming from a restaurant or bar, or are they coming from a private home?  Are there fewer DWI’s on Sunday than the rest of the week, or are there more? 

It is time for Indiana to end Sunday prohibition.

For further information:
EDITORIAL: Study alcohol sales carefully

Indiana Drunk Driving Statistics

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