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Sunday Review at VFW

Sunday night at Vancouver Fashion Week
Sunday night at Vancouver Fashion Week

Sunday was the wrap up of Vancouver Fashion Week and it definately went out with a bang. The shows started in the afternoon with the Kids Shows. PoPos Ponchos, Kikis Kids Wear, Messy Kids Smocks, Red Fish Kids, Tulips Childrens Wear, Kiddie Castle Childrens Wear and La Rinascente all sent looks down the runway. The kids were adorable and the designs were very cute.

The "grown-up" shows started at 4:30 with Brand Candy, designed by Brandy Marr. She sent a very cohesive line down the runway, with a common use of fabrics and colors that all made sense. She had some great skirts and the overall look was polished and professional.

Next up was Jen Cameron. She also had a cohesive line, using black, cream and blue brocade. She had a pair of black pants with ruffles on the hems that were very original and universally wearable (trust me, they were!). Her looks were very runway-to-real-life, my favorite kind of designer!

Next was Sara Runnalls. Her line was the highlight of the night for me, and probably most people there. She had an amazing mix of textures and patterns (one dress was fur and cotton mixed with jewels and beads!! Genius!) She had amazing tailoring and her looks were for every woman, young to not-so-young. She was the first designer to send something down the runway that got applause when the last garment came out (click here to see it). When the last dress came out, people actually stood up and gave her a standing ovation. I was truly impressed with it.

Andrea Bagna was next and she only sent 5 looks down the runway, which was confusing because it felt like the collection stopped in the middle. But what she sent down was cute, with classic shapes and cuts.

Next up was Wilber Tellez. He started designing when he was just 14 and became the youngest designer for Club Med at only 18 years old. Most of the outfits he sent down the runway were fitted with a matching or contrasting corset belt, which gave the whole line a very polished look. When his last dress came onto the runway, there was an audible gasp as people started to clap and cheer. It was a work of a genius. (click here to see it) It was my favorite look of, not just the night, but of the entire week. Beautiful.

Next was the highly anticipated Adrian Wu. He taught himself to sew when he was just 14 and now, at 19, has his first line. He calls it a "wearable couture" line. Although I'm not sure how "wearable" it actually it, it was definately theatrical and enjoyable to watch. He had a very cohesive line that all seemed to make sense when it was displayed together. It was fantastic to watch and he's a designer to keep an eye on as he matures and develops.

Next up was Lori Dawn, who sent a very detailed-oriented line down the runway. She had an interesting use of folding and draping and it seemed very oragami-ish to me. She had interesting details on the hems of a couple skirts that added some flair.

Next was Papillon East with Peach De Liss headband. I LOVE headbands so I was very excited to see this show. The garments were great and the headbands added a extra oomph to an already stellar show.

To wrap up Vancouver Fashion Week was Crossover, a Bollywood inspired store in Vancouver. This was a very exciting show with beautiful Bollywood fashions mixed with tailored dresses and coats. My favorite part of the show was seeing all the different colors of leggings mixed with the beautiful dresses. From pink to yellow to green, it was a kaleidoscope of colors to end a fantastic night.

Click here to see a full set of pictures from the night.


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