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Sunday news shows pushing for higher natural gas prices

Peter King (UL), Paul Ryan (M), Jane Harmon (UR) want Americans to pay more for natural gas
Peter King (UL), Paul Ryan (M), Jane Harmon (UR) want Americans to pay more for natural gas
Composite/Drew Angerer/Win McNamee/Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Not since President Bush's Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson went on all the TV network Sunday News shows pushing for the bank bailouts has the Sunday News shows joined together like on Mar. 9, 2014 and pushed for something detrimental to our domestic economy. This time it was for higher domestic natural gas prices. As part of their discussion about the crisis in Ukraine, guest after guest like Paul Ryan, Jane Harmon, and Peter King were asked whether the United States gas companies should be able to sell natural gas to Europe which they answered in the affirmative. Natural gas companies have been, since the natural gas boom, trying to be able to export their product so they can push up domestic prices. America has finally become energy independent due to robot assisted horizontal drilling. Now the politicians who are in the pockets of the energy companies with the help of the Sunday News shows are willing to squander that position for short term profit on the backs of American consumers. Paul Ryan actually claimed that natural gas prices would go down which is contrary to fundamentals of supply and demand.

Any infrastructure investments would go to supporting export and not affect domestic supply. For example, there are already pipelines from Canada's tar sands oil going into the United States. They were logically created to take oil to the closest refineries in Illinois. The Keystone pipeline is being pushed to get the oil to Cushing, Ok where it can be sold in the international market and then to the gulf coast so that it can be exported. Once the pipeline is finished the Illinois refineries and therefore the US consumer will have to pay more and will receive less oil. If Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is overthrown, then the Canadian oil will even be sold to Cuba instead of the land of Lincoln.

A long term solution to the Ukrainian crisis is that Russia gives Chechnya and Dagestan independence in exchange for annexing all of Eastern Ukraine with western Ukraine joining NATO.