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Sunday morning politics served with eggs

My kids loved oatmeal to death.

They refused to look at other alternatives for breakfast. As long as oatmeal was in the pantry, they ate it up. Then one day they couldn’t stand it.

That, to me, seems to be the way the United States is handling problematic issues.

Oil, which is bad for the environment, yet, it brings in big bucks to the economy,  that money is still palatable.

This is from; Excerpt: 'An Inconvenient Truth'by Al Gore
“We are dumping so much carbon dioxide into the Earth's environment that we have literally changed the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.”

This is from research paper titled, Oil Production and Environmental Damage
“Damage can include pollution of water resources and contamination of the soil. Humans are effected by environmental devastation

For over one hundred years this country has sat in a spill of oil because it is profitable.

So why change?

• Change causes our blood pressure to rise!
• Our hormones to go crazy!
• Our fear response sets off warning bells!

Cars move us from place to place and are fun.  In order to keep our vehicles running we drill into the earth and take the oil beneath our feet. We have to do this so the car will move! Right?

Wrong! What ever happened to the steam-driven cars?

The invention of the car, along with the airplane, wasn’t meant, in my opinion, to stagnate. But they did…

Instead of moving on to non-harmful power sources, coins jingle from deep pockets too loud for change to happen.

Money and greed has stalled our ability to think logically. Listen to the politicians if you don’t agree.

Drilling holes in the earth to make our lives easier is a myth. Keep drilling until you find black gold…

I learned not to throw good money after bad! This maybe easier to envision: Don’t borrow from one credit card to pay another.

In my opinion, businesses need to change or wither away, allowing the next set of inventors to take over.

This morning, while watching the boob tube, I heard the same political bull being spewed over the airwaves. (I- me-us-you-everyone listening, or not) we all need more money to toss after bad money. Make new jobs by repaving the old world.

What we need, is to use those so called ‘new green’ power sources: Wind, solar, water…Steam! Make these affordable to the public, thus helping the economy grow

If we don’t change our ways and stop the political lip service, we won’t be allowed to live on this planet; the Earth will shake us off.

If I am wrong tell me!

I opened the pantry and pulled out the box of oatmeal. Then changed my mind and put it back on the shelf.

I like oatmeal.

But, today I have a taste for scrambled eggs, with cheese.

If your interested check out this: 2010 Key World Energy Statistics”
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