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Sunday morning at Westover Farmer's Market

This is an exciting venue for fresh produce shopping
This is an exciting venue for fresh produce shopping
James George

Arlington Outdoors brings you to the Westover Farmer’s Market this Sunday morning. Farmer’s Markets like this is where you will find the freshest, and often organically grown produce, among other things. Take a shopping bag or two, and expect to spend $40-50.00, because once you start shopping it is hard to stop.

Westover Farmer's Market, Sunday
James George

Where else can you discover such an array of choices. Broccoli, for instance comes in a range of colors from orange, traditional green to deep purple. Beans come in multiple varieties and colors too, all with a range of flavors.

If you want green tomatoes for dipping in cornmeal and frying, they have them. If you want fresh ocre for jambalaya, they have it.

There are all sorts of berries that are ripe right now: red raspberries, black raspberries, cherries are still available, and blueberries, of course. We tried gooseberries this past week. They make a nice jelly with scones. You can cook them with apples and cinnamon to put on oatmeal.

Wildflower honey is sold here. There are bakers present with breads and pies.

The best part is that this is entrepreneurial America at its best. Oh, look over there at those heirloom tomatoes.

The produce here isn’t genetically modified. Fresh sweet corn was just picked this morning.

If you live in the neighborhood, it is feasible just to walk over. The sun isn’t too hot early in the morning, so you can transport your purchase from the stand to your refrigerator very quickly. That’s a pet obsession, but I am reminded that some things are best left on the counter, such as tomatoes.

There are those pesky fruit flies this time of year, but Ayer’s Hardware sells gnatcatchers that work quite well to control them.

I skipped breakfast to get here so now I am hungry. It is a difficult decision this morning to decide which fresh fruit to put on my cereal.

Westover Farmer’s Market
Rain or Shine
December through April
Sundays from 9 a.m – 1 p.m
May through November
Sundays from 8 a.m – 12 p.m
Washington Blvd. & N. McKinley Rd.
Westover Neighborhood
Arlington, Virginia

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