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Sunday February 6th is a Super Sunday

Super Sunday
Super Sunday
Renise Black

That's right! It is not a typo. Superbowl Sunday is a big deal in some circles. There are plenty of fans who go crazy for this day. But for those not into football, this Sunday should be called simply 'Super Sunday' for those who do not plan on watching the big game. It will be a Super Sunday because while the game is on, there are hundreds of local restaurants who would love to have you come and dine. What are your plans for this Sunday?

Talk about the perfect day to go for a drive and eat in a relaxed atmosphere with excellent service. Service will be excellent because there will be few other diners out. So waiters and waitresses will have plenty of time to serve you This would be a chance to get that one-on-one, private service you always wished for but could not afford. Don't believe it is true? Or maybe you have never ventured out on Superbowl Sunday. Well simply call your favorite restaurant and ask on Sunday afternoon. As an example, Eddie's Attic will be throwing a non-Superbowl party.

Or maybe your thing is to cook at home, invite some friends over and have a Super Sunday party. Then grocery stores will be just as empty. You can leisurely stroll from aisle to aisle shopping for your party supplies, check out and drive home on streets that are quiet and virtually traffic free. It could turn out to be one of your best Sundays if you take advantage of this opportunity.

Three cheers for Superbowl Sunday!