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Sunday Dialogue Series: Understanding the Bible. Who is God?

"The Bible is many books in one.  It is God's biography."
"The Bible is many books in one. It is God's biography."
www.Jesus is Our

If you missed the first segment of this series you can find the link below so you can to go back and catch up.

This series is not so much about what is written in the Bible; but about the Bible itself.

We saw in the first segment the identification and description of the Bible; part of that follows:

“The Word, Bible, from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, means "the books.” And that is an accurate description - for the Bible is not just one book; but sixty-books all bound together in one cover.”

“The New Testament – mainly used in the Christian faith, contains forty-two books of the Bible. These are usually divided as: Gospels, Acts, Paul's Epistles, Hebrews, General Epistles and Revelation. Epistles is translated as meaning a writing or letter.”

“The Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, contains twenty-four books divided into three parts: the five books of the Torah ("teaching" or "law"), the Nevi'im ("prophets"), and the Ketuvim ("writings").”

“Many have difficulty understanding the Bible at face value and sometimes get confused and frustrated. That is mainly because we try to interpret the Bible words based on our own meanings of words. The Old Testament was written in the Hebrew language and the New Testament was written in Greek. And today we speak many different languages where the same word can have different meanings to us.”

Today let us explore more about the Bible by learning more about the author. God is the author and finisher of our faith. While God inspired many men to write down the events as they took place in the Old and New Testament, they were only the dictating machines used by God to put heavenly and spiritual words into statements that humans could understand.

God was not created. He has no beginning and no end. That may be a hard concept based on our limited knowledge. If we knew everything that God knows, then we would be God, and we are not.

God spoke to them though the Holy Spirit and they wrote down what God dictated. Some may think that absurd; but stop and think about how God still speaks to the hearts of man every day.

While He spoke through prophets and disciples in the written Bible, He still speaks to the world today thorough men and women who are so in tune with Him that they can do no less than to share it with others. But He still speaks to us through the Holy Bible.

The first three years God did the teaching through Christ; and not until the end of His ministry did Jesus tell the disciples to go to all parts of the world – to every corner – and to every nation preaching the Word of God.

Whether atheists and other partial believers want to admit it, God still speaks to their hearts as well. But because of sin in the world, so many rebel; and they want to tear down the Bible so that it will no longer condemn them. But they can never destroy the Word of God for God still speaks in so many ways other than words.

But first things first. Who is God? How do we know there is a God? How does God manifest Himself without words? Once a little girl asked her preacher-father, “Daddy, how can we know we are made in the image of God when no one knows what He looks like?” Her wise father answered, “Because God shows Himself by actions and especially in His creation.”

When a crime is committed, the most important thing the authorities have to go on is a description of the person. That is vital so they will know who they are looking for.

The same is of God. We need a description so that our finite minds can know who God is. No matter what some may say – GOD IS! We could spend months adding a sentence to follow that. But we can roll it all into two: “GOD IS LOVE!” “God is the “GREAT I AM!” All through His word He continually finishes that sentence Himself. God says, “I AM.” I AM THE CREATOR, THE SUSTAINER, THE COMFORTER, AND THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!”

In the process of reading, “The Book,” the best-selling book of all times, we see who God is not. God is not a tyrant. God does not make up rules for His enjoyment; but for our well-being.

God does not punish people; but allows the due process of allowing us to experience the consequences of our sin. God is a friend to all; but an enemy to satan, lucifer, the evil one, the devil. There are many names for this evil one; but there are also many names for God as well.

Since the names of God originally appear in the Old Testament in the Hebrew language, we can take a look at what they meant.

“El” means: Strength, might, or power – I will only give a few names and you can seek them out at this website, “Hebrew for Christians,” with scriptures along side each.

El Echad – “The One God.” El Hanne’eman – “The faithful God.” El Shaddi – “The all sufficient God.” El Olam – “The everlasting God.” El D’ot – “The God of knowledge.” El Sali – “God of my strength.” And El Yeshaati – “God of my Salvation.”

God’s description is not what He looks like; but what He acts like. We would do well to follow this trait and to stop caring so much about how we look; but how we act.

We get the first glimpse of who God is in the very first verse of the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible – Genesis 1:1.

We see God as creator. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Off the wall scientists and atheists deny that God exits based on their research, false findings, and misinterpretation of what they find.

No scientist has ever discovered anything that God did not allow and lead them to it through things that He had already created.

Put any scientist in a barren, sterile, room and tell them to create an ant – that should be easy because they are so small. Or better yet have them create an elephant – that would make headline news.

Scientists can only work with what God has already created. God is also a God of mystery. He allows us to know what He wants us to know. He keeps the rest His secret until just the right time when He will reveal it – if He ever does.

God created two worlds that we know of – the seen world and the unseen world. We see the beauty of God all around us – in the rainbows, the sunshine, the stars, the mountains and the majestic wonders of the world. Yet, there is another world that is unseen. Scientists, with the help of God, are only beginning to scratch the surface of the unseen world.

He has allowed them to see the microscopic world and the telescopic world through instruments made by man from God made materials.

We live in a finite world; but also in an infinite world. We live in a visible world and an invisible world. The world is teeming with life that for thousands and thousands of years no one ever saw; but they were there; germs for instance.

We dare equate mere man with the Holy God of the Universe – for much with us is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

We need to stand, stand, up for Jesus and shout it to the roof tops. We need to be Biblically correct and not politically correct. Nations, people, and things come and go; but God remains forever.

Perhaps you will enjoy these two hymns of praise.

Amy Grant sings: El Shaddi

Elvis Presley sing: I Believe (Graphics are fantastic on this Video)

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