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Sunday Dialogue: Really, Ms. Clinton? Understanding the meaning of ‘dead broke'

Hillary Clinton, former first lady and former secretary of state.
Hillary Clinton, former first lady and former secretary of state.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The country heard the Diane Sawyer interview where Ms. Clinton said that when they left the White House, they were “dead broke!”

That is an encouraging thought knowing that she intends to run for President in 2016 – comforting thought huh? They were in Washington for eight years and their time there was riddled with scandals and many accusations of wrongdoing, but this was the first time we heard that they left the White House in poverty.

The news media has well defined the huge fees they charge for speeches and the huge amount she received to write this book she is hawking – that is the thing to do these days – plan to run for president? Write a book.

But little attention has been given to those in our country who are actually “dead broke.”

You can read about just how “dead broke” they were in a FoxNews article which in part says:

“As Hillary Clinton backpedaled this week on comments that she and Bill Clinton were "dead broke" after leaving the White House, financial disclosure forms shed more light on just how shaky that claim really was.”

“Technically, Bill and Hillary Clinton were in debt when they left the White House. Financial forms filed for 2000 show assets between $781,000 and almost $1.8 million -- and liabilities between $2.3 million and $10.6 million, mostly for legal bills. “

But as the outgoing first couple, they had tremendous earning potential. And within just one year, their financial troubles were effectively gone.

Hillary Clinton's Senate disclosure forms show that in 2001, they reported earning nearly $12 million. Most of that came from Bill Clinton's speechmaking, and the rest came from an advance for Hillary Clinton's book.

And that didn't even include Hillary Clinton's Senate salary, Bill Clinton's pension or money made on investments.

As soon as they left the White House, Hillary Clinton entered the Senate and was earning a $145,000 salary; her husband's pension was also north of $150,000.”

Perhaps we should take a look back and see just exactly what “dead broke” means?

The Free Dictionary explains it thusly:

“Dead broke: Completely broke; without any money. I'm dead broke—not a nickel to my name. I've been dead broke for a month now.”

A lot can be read into this – first of all her exaggeration and her off- the- hand, flippant way of expressing herself – as in “what does it matter,” when four Americans were killed by terrorist – or her earlier statement about staying home and baking cookies. But the more important aspect is. "Do we want someone in the White House managing the money of the country when they can’t manage their own personal budget?"

Ms. Clinton, since you obviously do not know the meaning of this idiom expression maybe you should be informed as to what it truly means being dead broke.

Dead broke means:

1. When you have to hock the title on your car to get money to take your sick child to the doctor or buy food for the table and keep the utilities paid, and you do not live on welfare. Apparently, Ms. Clinton you never had that problem with you daughter.

2. When you are on chemotherapy for a dangerous form of cancer, and you are informed that Medicaid will no longer pay for your treatments until you sell the only car that you own; which is years old (and far from a luxury car); and it is your only transportation to get to the hospital for the treatments. And Ms. Clinton you state you have not driven a car since sometime in the 1990’s. You have had both limousines and drivers.

3. When you go to church Sunday after Sunday wearing the same clothes week after week because there is no money for everyday clothing; much less designer duds. When, Ms. Clinton, you wear the latest-of-the late designer fashions, and probably only wear them once or twice. Dead broke for a woman is never to be able to get your hair done, your nails done, or any such luxury.

4. When each week you have to decide if you will buy groceries, pay the utility bills OR the house payment because you can’t pay them all, and you worked all week long. Ms. Clinton remember how “blessed” you were to have the luxury of living in the “people’s” house, scot- free, with the best of the best in food and personal care and no bills to pay?

5. When you are dying with a toothache that is infected, and while you are at work in all of that pain, your wife is on the phone calling everywhere to find a dentist who will pull it and let you pay in installments. Being dead broke is when you work every day and are paid by the hour. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. So you work sick with the flu, toothaches, backaches or whatever.

6. Dead broke is when your wife is pregnant and due any day, snow on the ground, bad brakes on the car, and you call your employer to tell him that you can’t drive your car and you need to take a day off to reline the brakes, and are told that if you don’t show up to work on time – don’t bother to come in at all – and you take a taxi that costs you more than you made that day and then come home and lay on your back in the snow at night with a spotlight to fix the brakes.

7. Dead broke is when you work every day and have to go out and borrow money for baby formula when you don’t spend money for anything but necessities, not even a cheap movie.

8. Dead broke is when the county decides to run sewage lines through your old neighborhood, and you must bear the cost of running pipes to connect when you can barely make ends connect, and you have to go to the bank; float a loan just for the supplies, and then dig a four foot trench and lay the pipe yourself.

9. Dead broke is when you keep your child home from school on “field trip” day because you did not have the money to pay for the trip.

10. Dead broke is when you live on the streets sleeping over a manhole to keep warm and beg for bread when you served your nation in the military.

11. Dead broke is when a woman has to leave her home with her children in order to flee an abusive husband and live in a shelter with nothing but the clothes on her back.

12. Dead broke means a young mother-to-be is coerced into having an abortion because she is young, has no job, and no visible means of support; only years later to suffer from depression for killing her child.

13: Dead broke is when you work every day at more than one job as a single mother trying to provide for your children and they still live in poverty and the kids drink Kool-Aid instead of milk.

14. Dead broke is when you worked all of your life and are old, sick, and worn out, and your Social Security barely covers other expenses and you eat dog food because you cannot afford people food.

15. Dead broke is when you have to pay taxes at the end of the year that takes months to recoup while the government sends billions and billions to other countries; or to build bridges that go nowhere.

16: Dead broke is when you cut back and freeze, and only use $20.00 in natural gas, and your bill is $49.01 – the rest in taxes and fees.

17. Dead broke is when you eat beans and cornbread one night and the next night you eat cornbread and beans.

18. Dead broke is when you are skimping and saving to attend college while living in poverty to get an education so you can have a better life; then graduate and can’t find a job.

19. Dead broke is when you hear your children crying in the night because they are hungry, and there is no food in the house.

20. Dead broke is when Santa forgets your address at Christmas, and your children wake up disappointed.

21. Dead broke is when you work every day, take care of your family and an elderly parent who needs constant care and the only way is to pay someone from your meager finances in order to honor that parent for all they provided for you growing up.

22. Dead broke is when you cannot give to the mission of your church because the government takes more than a tithe from your paycheck for taxes, and that after enormous deductions already taken by the government in other fees.

23. Dead broke is when you cannot afford a new pair of shoes and continue wearing the ones you have with cardboard inside, and hand wash your only pair of socks at night.

24. Dead broke is when you shop garage sales, second-hand stores for your children’s school clothes when other kids are wearing designer stuff.

25. Dead broke is relative…. you may consider yourself dead broke because you compare yourself to your billionaire friends and you with only your paltry millions.

Seriously, Ms. Clinton….. dead broke?

Ms. Clinton what is “dead broke” is our country; in more ways than financial – dead broke for lack of leadership, responsible government, foreign and domestic affairs – not only is America dead broke morally and in personal responsibility – but internationally as well.

America is “dead broke” in the area of electing not politicians, but statesmen whose desire is to heal and repair this country, and not to become professional politicians. America is “dead broke” from supporting elected officials who forget who they are representing and forget to be morally responsible for the office for which they were elected.

Ms. Clinton I can understand if you are having problems thinking clearly. I, too, had a severe head injury (as well as a few years over the hill), and things are a little fuzzy for me sometimes as well.

Ms. Clinton, don’t leave Americans, “dead-in-water” trying to figure out if you are going to run or not. You are running full speed ahead with your campaign, and you won’t be honest enough with the public to admit that you are already running. Really, Ms. Clinton?

You can find more images of Ms. Clinton over the course of her years and political career at this link. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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