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Sunday Dialogue: Our God still speaks

Virginia Stewart Metzler, author of "Our God Still Speaks."
Virginia Stewart Metzler

There once were two very good high school girlfriends who loved being together just talking and sharing, as most teen girls do. One day they were sitting outside on the front porch talking, laughing, and having a good time.

The mother of the house came to the door and asked,” I just want to know who is listening; you both are talking just as hard as you can.”

I have thought about that a lot since the mother of that house was my mother. Often in my life, I have wondered, “Who’s listening?” Sometimes I felt my husband and children never heard a word I said; and sometimes I felt that way with friends and co-workers.

We are the only species on earth that speak using words as a means of communication. The Holy Bible is often referred to as “God’s Holy Word.” In John 1:1, it says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise? We have all pondered that question at one time or another. And Shakespeare said in one of his plays, “Friends, Romans, and countrymen, lend me your ears.” There are 118 verses in the Bible referring to the “ear.” There are 516 verses using the word “hear.”

God gave us one tongue; and yet He gave us two ears. Wonder which He intended we use the most?

Like the tree in the forest, if there is no one listening can they hear the Words of God?

So often in relationships we want to do all the talking and none of the listening. Social sites seem to be a perfect place for that kind of friendship today. Rather than meeting face to face or on the phone, and having to wait for each other to have their say in the conversation, we can just post what we want to say and go our merry way. Texting has even taken the place of those intimate phone calls – just say it in abbreviated words and move on.

Life has become so busy for most us; we don’t even take the time to listen to those around us who are dear to us. God is still speaking; but are we listening? We often hear people day, “God just does not hear and answer my prayers!” Answering prayer is a mystery and only God knows all. But perhaps God is speaking; or we are not listening; or we don’t want to know His answers because we pray amiss.

Often in our relationship with God, we do the same thing. We manage to thank God for some of our blessings, and then we tell him who we want Him to bless, and then we ask Him for the things we want; and then we tell Him how we want Him to fix our lives. And then we hang up and say “Good-bye!” (Amen)

So often we, like the teens, are not good listeners. We talk and expect God to listen; but we don’t listen back.

Virginia Stewart Metzler, a former missionary, has written a book that encourages us to be better listeners. Her book, “Our God still Speaks” leads the reader through important episodes in her life as a wife, mother, missionary, widow, and wife once again, and then adopted mother that solidified her faith that God has not changed; and just as He spoke and listened to the people in the Bible, He still does today.

Virginia was married at a very young age to a young missionary who lost his life while flying for the Lord in a small engine plane that when down. She gives us tidbits into her life and her journey of serving the Lord and how she came to realize that God still speaks today. She shares everyday events in her life along with an explanation as to how God spoke to her. First of all God speaks to us through His Word; and then through those who are called to preach His message; but more importantly, God speaks to us as individuals through our spiritual ears and hearts.

We accept the fact that God spoke to the Old Testament prophets. He spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden, He spoke to Abraham, He spoke to Moses and He spoke to the world through Jesus. Through Virginia’s book, she shares the events that took place in her life, and she knows that God still speaks to individuals because He spoke; and is still speaking to her.

After reading her book, you may also be reminded that God does not change; but we have. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Virginia has a wonderful webpage that gives many more details about why she came to write the book, and the events in her life that made this book possible.

About the author:

“Virginia Stewart Metzler, nicknamed “Ginger,” was born in Houston, Texas. After high school, Virginia married John Thomas (Tommy) Barnett, Jr., a pilot, and moved to Liberia, West Africa. There they served as missionaries with R. G. LeTourneau for two years. After Tommy’s untimely death, Virginia moved back to the U.S. with her two small children, Vicki and Randy.

Virginia met Les Metzler after moving to California from Texas. They have now been married 53 years. Virginia and Les served as missionaries for 14 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics, including six years as support missionaries in the Philippines. Les and Virginia are the parents of two married children and an adopted daughter Hannah-Joy, a pre-med student. They are grandparents of eight grandchildren. Besides being a wife, mother and grandmother, Virginia is an artist, writer, a Bible teacher and a discipler of women. "God has been good to me all the days of my life! I have never doubted God’s care for me or for my family members, as well. His provisions for me, I have never doubted. I had read the account in Matthew about the birds and how God cares for them and because I believe the Bible, I trust Him to take care of me."

Virginia gives her personal testimony and verification that “God still speaks” but it is up to us to listen.

By going to her web page, you will see on the left hand side a number of tabs that will take you deeper into why she wrote the book, you can see a slide show of her photos, you can see reviews of the book, and find out how you can purchase the book directly from her page.

If you are at a place in your life when you wonder if God still speaks today as He did in the Old Testament times; and you have longed to see evidence of God working in your life; or if you have struggled because of unanswered prayer, then you must read, “Our God still SPEAKS!”

Her book can be purchased through her website and on Amazon.

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