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Sunday craft fair at the Railyard in Santa Fe

Approaching the plain steel building a haunting refrain of violin music wafts through the large open doors of the Pavilion at the Farmers Market at the Rail Yard in Santa Fe. It is an intriguing sound drawing one into the cavernous metal building. Surprisingly the musician is a little girl dressed in a white, mens dress shirt and black trousers with an old-fashioned bowler hat positioned in front of her for tips.   Such is the flavor of the ambiance at the Sunday Santa Fe crafts fair scene.

Little girl playing for tips at Santa Fe Sunday Craft Fair.
Cameron Weckerley

The Railyard, first opened in 1880 was an important stop for the Topeka and Santa Fe railroad companies. Although the area fell into decline after WWII a refurbished version just opened last year as a commercial and artistic hub of Santa Fe life and The Pavilion where the crafts fair is held is an important part of that.

One might expect that such a recently opened and public civic project would have the tone of tourist hell that permeates the nearby Plaza. Fortunately, at least so far, it is far from that. There is even motorcycle only parking available right out front on the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Chili Line Lane