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'Sunday Best' Season 7 down to last 2 contestants

Candace Benson and Geoffrey Golden, last two contestants on 'Sunday Best' Season 7.
Candace Benson and Geoffrey Golden, last two contestants on 'Sunday Best' Season 7.

Sunday Best is in it's 7th season, and the last two contestants are Candace Benson and Geoffrey Golden, according to BET Sunday. These two have fought long and hard to hold their standing. Benson hails from Pottstown, Pa., a town with a small population of 22,480. Golden hails from Cleveland, Oh, with a huge population of, just under 391,000. Voting is open to the public, and according to show host, Kirk Franklin, you can vote up to 15 times for your favorite candidate. Contestants will know their fate next week on BET, 8pm EST. Voting is now open through Sat., August 30 at 12 noon.

On this past Sunday Best show, Candace Benson, 22, sang two songs, "Yesterday," and "Heart of Worship," while Geoffrey Golden, 20, sang "Glory to Glory," and Marvelous." After hearing the singers performance Sunday night, just based on those songs alone, a winner can easily be picked, because one of the contestants broke out deeper than ever before.

At the end of the rounds of singing, the judges were asked to give comments, and Kierra Sheard solidified the two singers as being just what "our generation needs." Sheard, so filled with joy and gratitude to the singers and God, expressed how she loves the two for representing God in the powerful way they have done. Sheard then broke down in tears, and no other judge could touch her comments, because she had spoken for all and nothing more needed to be said.

The praises rang for Geoffrey Golden because he's a black male, with an excellent school record and shows excellent talent. Donnie McClurkin, made a statement that he always does when a contestant shows great promise to Golden, by stating, "This is only just the beginning." Golden's father is a pastor, and he and his wife are extremely proud of Geoffrey.

After Candace Benson concluded singing, "Yesterday" by Mary Mary, judge Sheard's comments to her were, "There were times you sounded just like Mary Mary." And she was correct, if you closed your eyes, you would have thought Candace was one of the Mary Mary duo.

This has been an exciting journey on Sunday Best Season 7, and you can expect a surprise ending. We believe that the winner will be what many Sunday Best viewers have been looking for. Both contestants are winners whichever way the ball bounces, and both have great futures ahead of them. It is indeed a blessing to see such young people 20 and 22, give praise to God on a national platform. Make sure you tune into Sunday Best next week to find out if your favorite contestant gets crowned Sunday Best!

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