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Sunday attire

What are you wearing to church Sunday? Have you ever skipped church, because you had ‘nothing’ to wear? After all, you don’t want to go to church without representing GOD properly, right? People will look at you funny if your suit is not in style, or your outfit is old….right? Who decided that our outward appearance is so important, that our church attendance depends on our attire? Where is the scripture that instructs us to wear designer clothes; white on first Sunday; $500.00 shoes and fur coats? Sunday best….Church attire.

What is acceptable; adequate; and SUIT-able to God? The Bible says that man looks at the outward appearance; but GOD says HE looks at the heart. If GOD looks on the inside, then it does NOT matter if we are dressed up on outside. What we wear is for people and NOT for GOD. If we want to ‘dress to impress’, then we must wear the DESIGNER’S clothes. GOD is the DESIGNER (Creator) … and HE has clothing for each of us! DESIGNER clothes consists of a Robe of Righteousness; garment of praise; garment of Salvation and the whole armor of GOD. Sunday best…..Church attire.

You see, church attire is NOT what we wear on the outside, to the church building. We are the church. So church attire is what we wear everyday…all day! Church attire has nothing to do with being in style; but it has everything to do with us being in HIS will. When we dress in the Designer’s clothing, we are dressed for success; able to stand against the wiles of the devil; overcome our trials; speak to our mountains; cast out demons in Jesus’ name; do all things through CHRIST which strengthens us; walk in the Spirit; walk in the anointing; worship in Spirit and in Truth; witness and share CHRIST; glorify the LORD and walk in HIS purposes.

What will you wear to church on Sunday? What is more important; what we wear on the outside, or what we have going on from the inside? What is more important; dressing for people, or dressing for GOD? What is more important; if we look the role, or if we live the part?

Put on your spiritual clothes, so you can glorify your Father, instead of putting on the world’s best clothing so you can impress worldly people. The DESIGNER’S clothing will get you into the Promised Prepared Place. But the world’s designers’ clothing only gets you empty compliments and temporary praise of people.

Let the Lord choose your Sunday best….. your church clothes!
But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.” Romans 13:14

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