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It’s been unseasonably warm and dry in Northern California, this winter. The days have been warm, and clear; perfect weather to get outside and DO stuff! I’ve been quite busy, over the last several months. Just trying to hold everything together while working a second job, trying to take care of my two kids, addressing the issues entailed with my dad’s passing (i.e., bills, insurance, forms, accounts, etc.), etc. have kept me hopping for over the past several months.

I was finally able to score a decent night’s sleep, one Friday night. Both of the kids were at their mother’s place for the weekend, so I was able to just turn out the lights, and sleep without a care in the world. The following day, I worked both a Saturday School at the school where I teach, got in a fairly substantial lifting workout in my school’s weight room, and then worked an interesting eight hour shift, afterward. I was infused with a sense of energy and hope which I hadn’t felt for quite awhile. Needless to say, I slept quite well, upon my return home from my shift at my second job.

The following day, I resolved to go for a jog with my dog, Lucky. Lucky is an older dog, at 11 years old. He’s still a tight, muscular 100 lbs., and is exercised regularly by my son, during the week. I couldn’t wait to lace up my running shoes and get outside!

It was another warm February day. I was able to wear a sleeveless t shirt and running shorts, with no ill effect from the weather. Lucky and I bound out the door and onto the sidewalk to begin our jog. My joints and muscles immediately felt the effects from my jogging hiatus. Sure, all of the workouts which I had snuck in during the early mornings and lunchtimes had kept me in shape, but I was immediately made well-aware of the fact that I was in nowhere near the shape I was in, back in September. I had been in this position many times, in the past. I decided to keep my jog to just over two miles, to preclude any joint/muscle issues, afterward.

I couldn’t help but to be almost overwhelmed by the pleasant tenor of the environment during my jog. The air was fresh, the temperature was perfect, and the warmth of the sun on my skin perfectly accented my almost primal sense of power and oneness with nature. I, once again, felt myself being cleansed from the inside out, as perspiration flowed freely throughout my body.

Lucky ran well with me. Again, he is an SPCA alum, and had been taught how to run on a leash by a previous owner. He started to struggle, just a bit, at about the 1.8 mile mark, but we were able to complete the two mile run in good form. His tail stayed curled upward, as I finished up my jog with a few drills (i.e., side hops, backwards running, and lunges).

I stretched out on my driveway for a few minutes, and then went inside. I took down a load of laundry from the clothesline, gathered up another load of laundry from the washing machine, and then hung that load of laundry up on the clothesline, as a gentle, fresh breeze began to blow. Lucky laid on the green grass nearby the clothesline, panting and thumping his tail whenever I would glance over toward him. This was a good run; an unspoken something special which I was able to share with my buddy who also appreciated its unique, invigorating quality.

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