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Sunchoke Hash with Bacon

Today's recipe is a breakfast meal that is very easy to make. The good thing about this dish is it takes about a half an hour to make. It is called 'Sunchoke Hash with Bacon'. 'Sunchoke is, often called the Jerusalem artichoke, is a tuber from a plant that is related to the sunflower. It is native to America, and has nothing to do with either Jerusalem or artichokes. The tubers are gnarly and uneven, vaguely resembling ginger root. The white flesh is nutty, sweet, and crunchy like chestnuts when raw. Baked in their skins, they become more like potatoes with a mild taste of artichoke hearts. ' . Here is the recipe link

In Boston, Massachusetts they have some fantastic breakfast restaurants. There is 'The Blue Room' in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There is also 'Coppa' in Boston, Massachusetts. You could try them and order a similar dish.

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