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Sunburst Sanctuary urges sustainable living

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Sunburst Sanctuary seeks to be an example of how to live a more sustainable life. There's a beautiful quote on their website by founder Norman Paulsen, ‘Divine Spirit wants to be the caretaker of the Earth through the hands, feet, hearts, and minds of men and women – to feel the good Earth beneath many feet, breathe the clear fresh air, swim in the pure waters, and run in the forests. It desires to feel and look upon the brilliance of the sun, and find divine love within one another, realizing all the time that It created all this superb beauty!’

Sustainable living may mean different things to different people. However, in a nutshell, there is one fact we can't deny - we’re using up natural resources faster than our earth can renew them. We’re eating more meat, therefore we require more land space and more grains (farming land) to feed them. We’re consuming products every day, and instead of re-using or recycling them, we’re getting rid of them. This means we need more and more space to pile the junk we don’t want.

Sustainable living is about fundamentally changing the way we live and use things. It’s not about being unable to use the resources that make our lives enjoyable. It’s about using them in such a way that our earth’s well-being is not compromised by our consumption. Sunburst Sanctuary believes sustainable living calls for reducing the negative impact we have on our earth. It’s about re-using and recycling and discovering fresh ways to maintain our lives without the pressures of constantly buying and getting rid of things.

Sunburst Sanctuary notes that through the power of Self-realization, or enlightenment, we can grasp the understanding of who we are, why we’re here, and how what we do impacts the planet. We have the power to make the changes we want to see on our earth. By supporting our community and influencing others for a positive change, we can save the earth for our children and their children too.

Sunburst Sanctuary supports sustainable living

We’ll all use different paths to find the direction of our journey. Some people are propelled by their spirituality or religious beliefs. Others have found their direction because they care about the earth and the people who’ll follow after them. Others have a sense of global partnership and feel at one with the earth. Here are some ways we all can discover and maintain sustainable living.

Stop drinking bottled water

As long as your tap water is billed as 'safe to drink', it usually is. If you really cannot bring yourself to drink tap water, or can’t stand the taste, there are other ways of filtering your drinking water. You can purchase a glass jug with a changeable, monthly filter. You can also install a filter under your kitchen sink which enables you to get safe drinking water from your tap.

Support organic farming

Sunburst Sanctuary residents operate natural foods markets and an organic farm which supplies those stores. The farm offers educational tours to elementary school kids to help them understand where their food comes from. You can bolster sustainable living by doing some of your own gardening. Remember that vegetables can be grown on a window sill or in containers if you have no land space. Teach your kids the vital lessons of growing their own crops – even on a tiny scale (like showing them how to grow carrots or herbs in a small plant pot). Do your growing organically so you and your family can enjoy healthy food the way it’s supposed to be.

Buy local

If you support your local farmers they will continue to supply the market. Look for local produce in your grocery store; make a concerted effort to go to farmers’ markets in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Encourage your friends or neighbors who’ve never been to come with you. Sunburst Sanctuary believes we should support the fact that these farmers are making an effort to work the land and supply fresh, clean food without travelling long distances to get them there.

Watch your use of electricity

There are several things you can do when it comes to electricity. There is no doubt that the world can use a lot less electricity than we do at present. Even though millions of poor people exist without electricity, those of us who have it tend to take it for granted, thus abuse it. We can take shorter showers, wash at lower temperatures, replace light-bulbs with energy-saving ones, turn off lights when you leave a room, avoid keeping appliances plugged in and on stand-by, and beef up the insulation of your home with items such as double-paned windows.

Reuse, reduce and recycle

This is simply one of the best ways to live a sustainable life. Reuse the things you can. You can repaint old furniture, and share the clothes your kids have grown out of with relatives (for their kids). Reduce the amount you buy, thus the amount you throw away. Learn to compost using your food scraps as raw materials. Recycle, or up-cycle, whenever possible, and like Sunburst Sanctuary, learn to be a caretaker of the Earth through conscious living and sustainable stewardship.


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