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Sun opposes Jupiter, Venus Retrograde: Looking Deeper into Love

Blue Skies
Catherine Al-Meten

This Sunday, January 5, 2014 Jupiter reaches its farthest point from the planet, Earth in its journey orbiting the Sun. Early this morning, Jupiter transiting Cancer formed an opposition to the Sun transiting Capricorn, and the New Year started off with New Moon. We have had our first opportunities to breathe between the old and the new, to rest before we start anew, and to set out in new directions. What energizes us as we being this new year, and as we get ready to start a new week?

Jupiter opposite the Sun. The Sun’s energy at this time seeks to shed its light on the conditions, issues, and ideas that are significant in our lives. We may not be able to do all that we want to do to take care of everything that we desire, but we certainly feel impelled to look at and celebrate the abundance of ideas and opportunities in our lives. Depending upon where these aspects are in your chart, signifies the two areas that are being triggered for growth, positive changes, and improvements. Jupiter in Cancer is focusing our attention on anything in our lives that relates to our sense of security and feeling of being at home and comfortable with who we are, where we are. The Sun in Capricorn is calling our attention to anything that needs to be fixed, adjusted, or made more user-friendly. Taking care of the practical aspects of our lives right now, we do well to look at what keeps us from being able to successfully follow through with commitments or meet our responsibilities. How can we simplify or change the way we do things? Who and what do we find trust worthy, and what aspects of ourselves do we need to become more accepting of? How are we getting our needs met, and what might be healthier, simpler, or less exhausting than what we are currently doing? What can we let go of, or what could we take up, to help us maintain a more harmonious walk of life? Today, be glad and grateful, and take some small, positive steps to break some of the tension that might be building up. Jupiter is highest in the sky around midnight as it reaches its opposition to the Sun. Jupiter is at its closest until 2020, and both its brightness and intensity are strong now. This placement also highlights opportunities or increased desire for relationships. What is it you need or seek in relationship, and are you ready to receive your good? Again, look at where you are, and how open and receptive you are to what you desire. If there is no room in your life, your home, or your heart for someone else and the energy and life of a relationship, this may become even more apparent now.

Venus continues her retrograde phase through Capricorn where we reexamine and contemplate how we form and operate in our significant relationships. We are meant to be in relationship with one another, and yet we seem to think that the relationship, the other person, is responsible for fulfilling us. During the Venus retrograde time, we face what it is within ourselves that we need to be more clear about and more comfortable with so that in our relationships, we can be fully present as our authentic selves. This means, we come to understand the ups and downs, the highs the lows, and the evolving pathway of any relationship we are in, are indeed part of the process of forming, shaping, and growing in relationship.

What do we recognize during Venus’ retrograde journey through relationships? We learn how to find ourselves, wherever we are, as we also learn to recognize what we need. Our needs and desires come into conflict and conditions throughout the life of any relationship, and if we are not strong enough in ourselves to weather the storms, discover new ways of dealing with old issues, or learn how to acknowledge and honor another’s needs and desires in tandem with our own, we find ourselves struggling, doubting, and breaking commitments as we search for the ideal. The ideal is a shape we hope to fit into rather than a goal we find at the ‘end of the rainbow’.

Relationships are about our ability to both give and receive love. Each of us expresses, feels, and experiences love differently, so the process of forming, growing in, and maintaining relationships requires we work to mend the broken and wounded parts of ourselves as we continue to grow with another, who also brings his/her issues, history, perceptions, beliefs, and expectations with them People grow with one another, shaping their relationships through all stages of a relationship, and being mindful and intentional in all areas of communication helps. We fall in love with another through our own lens of receiving and perceiving something special that touches something special within us. Our lives are about learning about ourselves through our relationships with others. Relationships give us the opportunity to also face what is real and authentic about ourselves. What we recognize in another, is something real within us. There is nothing innately wrong with our initial perceptions when we fall in love, but we often fall into the trap of adjusting ourselves to avoid losing that which we love. We hunger for our freedom, and make grand gestures to reclaim it (running back home, or onto the next ‘perfect’ relationship), or we stay and wrangle with one another, trying to change that which attracted us in the first place. Or we try to adjust and fit the ideal that either we expect of ourselves or that we perceive or hear our ‘other’ expects of us. This can be verbalized, but is often just the adjustments we make to stay near, keep peace, and ‘get along’.

Relationships are active, organic, growing, and changing experiences, and as such, require openness, flexibility, and conditions for the care, growth, and feeding of the lived experience together. If we are fortunate enough to recognize the gift of the person we love, we will be able to weather many storms; ones you can’t even imagine, in order to continue giving and receiving love. The tests come early in relationships, and help set the tone and pathway for whatever comes afterward. At this time, regardless of where you are in your relationship journey, pay attention to what you are learning about your ability to love. How well are you able to love all parts of yourself? How are you able to recognize and accept the parts of yourself that are difficult to understand, care for, and accept? How are you at accepting and loving those in your life, and what are the lessons you are called to learn now?

Venus retrograde time is the time when we look at the shadow sides of who we are, and when we have the opportunity to resolve and befriend not only ourselves and our partners, but also the process of living in intimate connection with others. There is an element of respect and understanding of limitations, boundaries, and for lack of a better description, a protocol for how you are going to work out problems, provide for mutual needs and differences, and for conducting yourselves with one another. Think about how you behave when you prepare to go to a formal meeting, occasion, or even for a first date. How are you building in ways to treat one another with the respect and love you feel even in the most difficult times? I recall driving with my husband when we first knew one another, listening to him talking about something. I suddenly realized, I was not really listening, and at that moment, I turned, looked at him, and began really listening to what he was saying. I vowed not to try to guess or presume that I knew the next thing that was going to come out of his mouth. We did this with each other, and still do. Become conscious during this retrograde time, of how you enter into, conduct yourself, and experience yourself in all types of relationships. Notice what hinders your ability to give and receive love, and what it is that you require to be free to be yourself with someone else. When we form relationships, we form a third. There is ‘me’ and there is ‘you’ and there is the ‘us’ in the relationship. This goes for any relationship, and that third element of relationship requires respect of the other two aspects of the partnership. As with our children. We may parent our children for a significant period of time, however, that third element of the relationship is constantly changing to adjust to the growth, changes, and life of the persons involved. What is growing in your garden of love now? What needs weeding, feeding, and tending?

From the Elders comes this beautiful blessing that seems to fit for today’s read on the energy of the Universe.

“Where two or more human beings joined together for a common cause, the helpers and the Grandfathers will show up to help. When our Indian people come together, the Elders say, "Always pray first, do a ceremony and ask the Creator to be with us and to help us. We can never pray enough." The Elders also say, "pray in a circle because the Creator made things in circles. When we stand in a circle and pray together, a sacred hoop will form above the people. This is the spiritual way. Oh Great Spirit, through my prayers I can find Your guidance. I pray You guide my path today. Touch my life with Your holy breath.” (From White Bison)

The Moon is in Pisces today, and this sends us deeper and deeper into the depths of our intuitive, imaginative, and creative selves. The Moon will conjunct both Neptune and Chiron, intensifying even more, the impact on how we are being stirred within to listen, be more open and receptive to emotional, spiritual, and hidden energies, memories, or experiences. Depending upon where your own Moon and progressed Moon sits in your chart/life, this placement will stir things up a bit in whatever area your of Moon cycle is being stimulated.

On Tuesday, January 7, the Sun in Capricorn will form its first quarter square to the Moon. The first quarter square always signifies an area of heightened alert or concentration over whatever started at the time of the lunar cycle the week previous. Squares to the Moon set off energy and actions to respond, adjust, or adapt plans to meet conditions, changing expectations, or new input. A time for trial and error, and also a time to cope with how our actions affect others. Later in the week the Moon will transit Taurus, when emotions and energy will be more grounded.

Mercury continues its transit through Capricorn, sextiling Saturn on Monday. We feel the need to get more organized in every area of communication, and to clarify and respond to communication of all types. This aspect allows us to enter into positive and uplifting communications. Negotiations are favored, and social conversations are likely to be friendly, supportive, and refreshing. Whatever you do now will bear fruit in the future, and this is an excellent time to make practical decisions. Some of the ideas and plans you have been mulling over and trying to make up your mind about, now seem to become clear. Whatever has been brewing may now be put to practical application. A good day to get started on some of those goals you’ve been setting for your new year. It’s a receptive time as everyone seems a bit more refreshed than they have been in some time.

On Tuesday afternoon, Venus and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn. This is an excellent aspect for making contacts and communicating with others. You are likely to receive a warm reception to your ideas, and will find socializing enjoyable. A great day for doing business, and for being creative with all forms of communication. Inspired by beauty, ideas are expressed in all forms of art, music, dance, and creativity. A good time for forming heart-centered alliances.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Capricorn semi-square Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Libra square Jupiter in Cancer, and Mercury semi-square Chiron in Pisces, might make for an emotional, challenging, and somewhat upsetting afternoon and evening.

The Capricorn Sun semi-square Neptune in Pisces creates a loss of focus and edginess, sends us off course a bit. Rather than sticking to detail-oriented tasks, better to channel energy into creative and free-flowing activities. Use some of the energy that is welling up to get out and take a walk, reconnect with the natural world more, or whip up a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread that can be shared with a friend or neighbor. Allow yourself time to drift, and wander mentally, and let go of the hyper-need to accomplish everything you envision, today. Mars in Libra square Jupiter in Cancer, brings our attention and focus on the practical aspects that need to be considered in any long-term, and even some short-term projects. Avoid getting frustrated and lost in thoughts and emotional reactions bordering on despair or hopelessness.

Being realistic about our daily needs and limited resources, allows us, if we are mindful and conscious, of what gifts we possess. Limitations are like frames for a painting. One beautiful painting requires one simple frame to set off its beauty, protect the painting, and provide a way for it to be viewed by others. Your thoughts and plans may seem overwhelming. Allow yourself time, space, and distance to appreciate inspiration while also appreciating your ability to choose, rein in, and reign over those choices, ideas, and opportunities that are meant to be in your life. You may not know what those are now. There is no rush; let the flood of inspiration, feelings, and ideas well up and identify them for what they are. Possibilities; some of which will become, some of which will not. Use this time to pay special attention to what your responses (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) are telling you about your own needs, limitations, and desires.

There may be issues that come up that bring you in conflict with what you want or need. Whatever philosophical or intellectual differences arise, keep your cool, and wait for a period of cooling off. Though energy may be sharp and intense, it is best to reign in reactions and let go of the sense of urgency. Whatever comes up during these difficult transits, seem to affect you on a deep and personal level. They arise up from the deep-seated areas of your being that react from the shadow, and they require or give you the opportunity to deal with those areas of your behavior, thinking, being that are ready for making positive changes. Rather than going with the emotional turmoil, use whatever comes to the surface to identify how you want to respond in a more gentle, cool-headed, and peaceful manner.

The Moon in Taurus on Thursday makes some positive aspects to Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (sextiles) and Pluto in Capricorn (trine). These aspects allow us to integrate and process whatever may have been uprooted from our experiences on Wednesday. We are focused on healing and putting our ideas into a more positive, practical form. Friday is another day when the Taurus Moon grounds and centers us to put order and structure, not to mention beauty, back into our lives as well as our plans. We are able to tap into both the pragmatic and the idealistic, and this allows us a very productive, creative time to enjoy whatever we are doing.

Saturday, January 11 Venus in Capricorn forms a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. All the deep, soul-searching we have been engaged in during the Venus retrograde phase, now begins to makes its way to the surface, manifesting more in our relationships and in our perceptions of them. All forms of partnership are more positively affected during this transit, and growth and depth are more evident. Whatever we have had to face, we are stronger, and more clear about how our relationships are growing, changing, and maturing. We are able to receive advice and suggestions with a more open heart, and the support we need now shows up through connections from the past, renewed ties, stronger bonds, and deeper, stronger, and a sense of a more tangible presence in all meaningful relationships. We go deeper, we grow stronger together, and we grow in our ability to give and receive love.

The Sun in Capricorn also conjuncts. Venus on Saturday, grounding us even more. We feel strongly connected to who we are, what we need and desire, and how we are willing to live our lives in presence, mindfulness, and love. Not the fanciful, flaky, woo woo kind of love (though that’s part of the whole picture at times), but the down-to-earth, for that is where we are living this incarnation, kind of love that meets others where they are as they meet us where we are . We live where we are, in the present, now, in this moment, and the next. Life is about the mundane as well as the profane and metaphysical. It is all. Love is all. Like its source, Love, God, is the Divine manifest in All.

The week ends with the Sun in sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, and that brings heaven and earth together within us, and in the world we inhabit. This is a time to be present right where you are, accepting, loving, and caring for that precious gift of yourself, so that you are capable and willing to accept, love, and care for others. Happy New Year, being who you are, where you are, and being grateful for that.

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