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Sun hats instead of sunburn

Feeling the heat of the summer sun? You are if you have been outside anytime during our heat wave. The sun is doing it's best at our 'high noon', or most notably, the month of July. Here in Colorado, we absolutely love to be outdoors. Generally, we are acutely aware of wearing sunscreen, especially when swimming and hanging out at the lake. We also wear reflective clothing to keep from pulling in the sun's heat and instead reflect it away. Last but not least, material that is wicking to help keep our body temperatures cool as it helps to draw sweat away from the body. Sometimes, we need to pay some extra attention to our face and neck.

One thing to note, is that normally for activities that are not swimming in a lake, we may forget to re-apply sunscreen, especially to our face. For babies and toddlers, it is important to re-apply about every two hours. Their skin is very sensitive to sunlight exposure and can burn very easily. One of the best ways to protect your face and neck from sunburn, is a sun hat.

Sun hats, for some, can be thought of for either the Kentucky Derby or for gardening. However, sun hats are wonderful for many occasions including sitting by the lake, having a picnic or watching a baseball game. Sun hats are hugely protective for infants and children, too. You cannot protect their skin enough, from sweating to a quick rain can wash away sunscreen. A sun hat will not just wipe away. Have fun with sun hats. All the different colors, designs and materials to choose from, make them a fashionable accessory. The wonderful bonus to wearing sun hats is that they are a protective accessory. Let's enjoy the sun and show off our sun hats!

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