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Sun gives way to cold wet rain as winter returns to Eugene

Drought continues in Eugene and Lane County as light rain return to the region
Drought continues in Eugene and Lane County as light rain return to the region
Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Monday found last weekend’s relatively warm and sunny days transitioning into bone chilling cold dampness, as a lingering weeks long atmospheric inversion returned to Eugene, Ore.

According to the “Weather Channel” area resident’s can look forward to a continued wet trend through Saturday morning, when a dryer weather pattern will bring to the region partial sunshine and low temperatures in the 30s. Little measurable precipitation is expected from this weather system as the lingering effects of the “Arctic Blast” redirects the seasonal wet and warm Pacific Ocean charged seasonal rains away from the Pacific Northwest.

For those suffering from sunlight deprivation, relief may be found on the Oregon Coast where by Wednesday you may experience partial sunshine and daytime high temperatures in the mid 50s.

As earlier reported, Eugene and much of the Willamette Valley remains in a semi-drought condition with a below average seasonal rainfall To date, much of Western Oregon has recorded less than 50% of seasonal norms with little to no measurable precipitation recorded throughout December and January,

On a precautionary note, Eugene, Springfield and Lane County residents are reminded by public safety officials to check in with air quality control and regional fire districts before burning biomass and other organic incendiaries in and out of doors.