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Summertime: When the livin' is easy

It's time for summer concert series 2010!
It's time for summer concert series 2010!
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Finally, summer has come. We got through the endless months of snow and chilly weather, and definitely deserve the glorious sun-filled days to come. But summer does not only mean 90 degree days and sunburns, it also means live music. That’s right, it’s festival season!

In Colorado, festival season does not just mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg and stand in the heat for hours on end to see famous touring musicians. It means that there are a plethora of fabulous local musicians who will be playing around Colorado; you just have to know where to find them. Simply look out for signs around your favorite hot spots to find out if there will be live music. These types of events often take place in city parks, outdoor malls, amusement parks, and gardens. A good place to start your search for great local festivals is your city's website. For example, the city of Westminster has a “Special Events” page on their website that has a list of fun, family-friendly things to do in Westminster, including the city's summer concert series.

Other great places to look for your favorite locals are: The Orchard Town Center, every Friday night from 6-8; Flatiron Crossing mall, Thursday nights from 6-9; Southlands mall, Fridays from 6-8; Elitch Gardens, go to their website for a list of events; and Elway’s Cherry Creek Summer Music Series, every Wednesday from 6:30-9. For a more scenic music scene, check out the Winter Park Jazz Festival. Looking to see more popular artists in a beautiful setting? Check out the Denver Botanic Gardens; a list on their ‘2010 Summer Concert Series’ page will tell you who to expect when, and how much each concert will cost. You can always Google your favorite genre of music to find out if there is a festival dedicated to it, like the “Blues in Colorado” website, which is a list of blues festivals that are happening around the state. If large touring festivals are more your thing, don’t forget Van’s Warped Tour will be in town at Invesco Field on August 8th.

There are all kinds of festivals all over Colorado every summer, so do not limit yourself to the few in this article. Just keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, and I am positive that you will find some great music right on your doorstep.

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