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Summertime Safety for families

Summertime can be fun for families, but care and attention is necessary to stay protected and healthy.
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With summer upon us, there have been more and more instances in the news about children in vehicles during the heat of the day. While these are extreme cases, many other heat-related issues happen to children on a daily basis that are not reported or viewed as damaging.

Young children are not the only ones vulnerable to heat exposure. Even teenagers and adults can suffer from sever sunburns or heat stroke if out in the sun too long without proper sunscreen or wearing protective clothing such as hats. Remember that no matter how old your children (or you) are, proper care should be taken when enjoying the warm weather.

Dehydration can also cause many issues, especially for young children. While you should not leave water bottles in your vehicle in the heat, do remember to take some with you or pick up drinks on the way to your family outing to prevent anyone from dehydrating while enjoying summer activities. Know the warning signs of dehydration before it happens and you will be well-prepared.

There are basic essentials that should be taken with you every time you leave the house during the summer months. Even on overcast days, the UV index can still be high enough to burn skin. Be sure to make yourself a carry-out bag each time you leave the house and it will be second-nature for you. Remember to include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats or a umbrella
  • Bottles of water

Being prepared will eliminate any heat-related issues that you may find with you or your children. Having all of the essentials on hand, you are sure to be able to enjoy these short summer months with your family as often as you can without instances.

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