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Summertime pet safety tips from Chasing Dreams

Massage can calm your pet's anxiety brought on by summertime holiday activities.
Massage can calm your pet's anxiety brought on by summertime holiday activities.
Chasing Dreams LLC

As much as we humans enjoy the summertime holiday activities, our pets experience holiday activities in a completely different way. Cathy Sauer, animal massage therapist and owner of Chasing Dreams, LLC has some advice to offer.

“Fireworks for one thing can be stressful for our pets,” said Sauer. “Most pets are actually terrified of fireworks. Some panic, may break loose from the safety of their home or leash outside, and get lost and/or injured.”

In fact, more pets are lost over the Fourth of July holiday than any other time during the year, cautions Sauer. The safest thing you can do is leave your pet at home if you plan to attend a firework display. Provide them a secure place to rest, and keep soft music on to distract them from any outside activities and loud noises.

If you do take your pet along while outdoors, even for their daily walk, please make sure they are carrying the proper ID and are microchipped. Beware that backyard firework surprises can happen without warning – and never lock your pet in a car thinking they will be secure. Heat stroke only takes minutes to set in on a hot day.

These days, firework displays are not limited to July 4th. Communities offer festivities before and after in an effort not to compete. Some communities offer fireworks as a weekly attraction, and even organizations such as ball clubs offer after-game firework events. More and more, fireworks can be considered a summertime event not limited to the Fourth of July.

“If you find yourself with an anxious pet, a therapeutic massage will help it relax and will relieve the symptoms of stress related problems,” advised Sauer.

How do you determine if your dog is stressed? Watch for changes in behavior such as excessive panting, lip and nose licking and yawning. Cats may hide or lick excessively.

“Many animals respond quickly when treated in the security of their own home,” said Sauer. “With my mobile service, I can provide therapy to all types of animals. Therapeutic massage can help boost the pet’s immune system, aid in allergies and also ease the stress of summer's heat waves.”

Chasing Dreams LLC is located in Central New Jersey. Sauer maintains a mobile office and works throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Monmouth, Warren and Hudson Counties. She can be reached through her website contact page with questions and to set up a consultation.

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